Watch the Video for Los Waves “Got a Feeling;” Debut EP Available September 23

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Los Waves will be releasing their debut EP Got a Feeling on Monday, and they have put out a video for the title track. Their material instantly grabbed me, as it has just the right balance of catchy hooks and fuzzy psychedelic melodies. I’m excited to hear the rest, and if you’re looking for a chill, hazy track to listen to on this lazy Saturday check this one out.

Los Waves are an indie act formed in early 2012 in London by Jean River and José Tornada. Coming from an ethnic and psychedelic soundscape, their music is an intricate and harmonious meltdown of their own experiences, from months living on a tent in deserted beaches, long drifts through South America and the Indic Ocean, to the modern pace and flavour of one the worlds most music-loaded and trendsetting world capitals.

Got a Feeling is the first EP being released via Indie Label Summer Filth Records. The record drifts between sunshiny fuzzy guitar riffs and melodies with ethnic electronics and a more timeless (even existential) feel. Got a Feeling lyrically and sonically hails from a nostalgic hunger for epic purposes and great questions, with the past and future blurring into one.

Got a Feeling will be available September 23rd, 2013.


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