2011 Baltimore Ravens Kickoff Show at Power Plant Live!

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Monday, September 26, 2011

To kick off the start of the Baltimore Ravens 2011 season, a rock concert was held in Baltimore featuring a number of well-known artists. Kaitlin Follmer had the chance to check out the event and has provided her thoughts and photos below.

Egypt Central:

Previous to this concert I have seen Egypt Central twice before, once at Rock on the Range in Ohio, and again at another free concert Egypt Central was a part of in Power Plant, Miller light night. Every time I have seen these guys they have blown me away. Not only do they have a strong live sound, but they are fantastic to watch on stage. All the guys have a tremendous amount of energy, and play a full set, and never let up. I love watching this band perform, they know how to get the crowd excited.

Pop Evil:

This is another band I have seen twice before and both times I have seen them, they put on an incredible show. These guys really try to make their set as personable as possible, by creating an intimate experience; it doesn’t mater if it is an outdoor venue, or a smaller indoor venue. Lead, Leigh Kakaty always comes out into the crowd usually during their single “Hero” but the crowd responds so well to them. While they sound a little rawer live than they do in studio, it works to their advantage with the amount of energy they put into their set. I am looking forward to the next time they come though Baltimore.


These guys are one of those bands that some people hate and others love, I really don’t care for their music, it is very sex, drugs, sex, and alcohol. Not too much depth in their lyrics. Unfortunately due to the incompetence of some of the people Power Plant had working in the pit, I had a window of about 30 seconds to take pictures. Hinder came out with a lot of energy, all the guys at the edge of the stage, running from side to side. But this is a band I wouldn’t go out of my way to see again, there was nothing that stood out about their set that made me want to see more.


Chevelle has always been one of those bands where I liked a lot of their songs, but never realized who sang them. As much as I like their music, it bothers me that their songs don’t stand out immediately in my mind. That being said, when they came out, they sounded fantastic, they have a lot of emotion behind their music, and you could see throughout their set they love what they do. Though as a spectator, they are somewhat boring to watch. Their band consists of three men, Pete Loeffler on guitar and lead vocals, Dean Bernardini on Bass, and Sam Loeffler on Drums. Three-piece bands are hard because the guitarist doubles as a lead vocalist, which limits mobility on stage, and that, leaves it to the bassist to run around and amp up the crowd. They are at somewhat of a disadvantage in that sense. None the less these guys sound great on stage, and I am glad I finally had the opportunity to see them.

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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