Crossfade/Pop Evil

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crossfade and Pop Evil are touring together around the United States, and Kaitlin Follmer had the chance to check out the performance when it came to Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD. Check below for her photos and review.

Pop Evil

For the past three years I have been trying to catch one of Pop Evil’s concerts in Baltimore quite unsuccessfully, even though they have toured through Baltimore multiple times. This year I was able to see them twice, the first time being at Rock on the Range in Ohio. I was blown away by their set as they had great energy and were always playing to the crowd and made everyone feel like they were a part of the set. This time was no different; they were constantly finding ways to engage the people.

Lead singer Leigh Kakaty has great stage presence, and his voice translates so well live. No, he does not sound the same as he does recorded but there is so much power behind his voice that it conveys so well with their music. Guitarist Dave Grahs was a lot of fun to watch, he ran all over the stage, planting himself in various places for a good headbang. Guitarist Tony Greve was equally fun to watch, he really connects with the fans while on stage, posing for pictures by flipping them the middle finger and getting in their face at the front of the stage. These guys complement each other so well and the crowd response was phenomenal. If you have any interest in Pop Evil, I definitely recommend checking out their live set.


I have seen Crossfade live once while they were on tour for their “Falling Away” album and their live set is one of the best I have ever experienced. While they are fairly mellow on stage (more so than other bands) their sound live completely trumps anything they record and I have always admired that about this band. Roughly four years later I had the chance to see them again at Rams Head in Baltimore. I was not disappointed; they were just as good as I had remembered. Ed Sloan’s voice is mixed with a lot of power and emotion; it makes the set that much better knowing these guys really believe in the music they are producing. Guitarist Les Hall has so much personality on stage, he likes to play with the crowd and make those connections.

This time around their show was a lot more theatrical, they used a fog machine and a lot of back lighting to create a visual experience that correlates with their new album. It added visual interest to their set, but personally I prefer the more raw setting I had seen them in before as it allowed me to concentrate on their sound and their music. Regardless of the set they are playing Crossfade is such a strong live band, and I have so much respect for bands whose live performance is able outshine their CD.

Check out a video from the show below:


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