Dark Tranquillity/Omnium Gatherum at Baltimore Soundstage

By Mario Pareja-Lecaros

Published on Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dark Tranquillity February 2nd, Baltimore Soundstage

1. The Science of Noise
2. White Noise/Black Silence
3. What Only You Know
4. The Fatalist
5. The Silence in Between
6. The Wonders at Your Feet
7. The Mundane and the Magic
8. Monochromatic Stains
9. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
10. Endtime Hearts
11. Final Resistance
12. ThereIn
13. Misery’s Crown

As one of the bands that pioneered the well known Gothenburg sound and melodic death metal as a whole, Dark Tranquillity has had lots of time to perfect their craft. While it is evident that their popularity has not reached the same heights as their contemporaries by their tour frequency and the number of people at the club, they still put on one hell of a show. They last came around in 2010 and put on an amazing performance so I knew this was a show I could not miss.

The setlist for other shows on this tour were 4-5 songs longer than the one for this date. This seemed to be due to transportation issues from the previous show, so everything was delayed leading to a shorter set. Regardless there was a good mixture of old and new. “White Noise/Black Silence” and “Monochromatic Stains” were some very welcomed old tracks. Though in general you could barely see the difference in mood as DT went through their set list from old to new tracks. The entire club sang along to every single song to the point you could barely hear Mikael over the PA. Musically, DT performed flawlessly, the songs seemed like they were being played back from the CD. As a performance, there was equal energy and vigor which kept the show moving at a pretty fast pace. This was probably partly due to the band wanting to get as many songs in their limited time.

Overall this was an amazing experience and Dark Tranquillity is definitely a band that cannot be missed.


Omnium Gatherum


1. Luoto
2. New Dynamic
3. New World Shadows
4. The Sonic Sign
5. Soul Journeys
6. Living in Me
7. The Unknowing

This show was the first time I had been exposed to this band. In terms of style I would compare them to Insomnium with a bit more of the mellow, slow styling of doom metal.

I was not very impressed when listening to their CD, the focus tracks were musically noteworthy but not very memorable. My biggest complaint with this band is the vocalist’s style, it seems to be very forced and very loose. However, I was delightfully surprised to hear the tracks transferred much better in a live setting. I would definitely attest this to the style being more enjoyable as an experience as a whole. The vocalist also sounded much better in a live setting, the difference could just have been the way the CD was recorded.

It seemed like the band was very well received and most of the club headbanged along with the vocalist. He definitely looked like he was trying to keep the audience engaged but it was clear that he did not have very much experience doing so. His stance was a big awkward, his banter a bit repetitive and he did not seem to know what to do with himself on stage. Again, this was their first US appearance and it could very well have been nerves.

Overall, Omnium Gatherum provided a pretty good show but can definitely bump it up with a bit more confidence. Would definitely see them again so they can prove me wrong!


Photos by Cristina Gonzales:






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