Made in America 2014

By Tory Lava

Published on Thursday, September 4, 2014

This holiday weekend made history with it’s third annual Budweiser Made In America Festival. I had the privilege to attend the Philadelphia festival on Saturday August 30th. My experience at MIA was definitely one to remember. Not only did I have a fantastic time; enjoying the beautiful weather, seeing friendly faces, meeting new people, and running into some old friends of mine, this festival stood out to me like no others. Packed with upcoming and popular acts ranging from different genres from hip-hop, indie rock, experimental rock, EDM, pop, and so on.

I started with interviews off with Australian DJ’s, Fish & Leigh from Cut Snake. Cut Snake entered the media room with beers in their hands and smiles on their faces. I could tell already this was going to be one interested interview. I welcomed them to Made In America and to Philadelphia, asking them:


CosmosGaming: have you ever been here before?

Leigh: “I have driven through it, it was muddy. Yeah it was flooding. I was driving from New York to San Diego, it was about the worst floods in about five, four, maybe three years ago, but it was pretty much a swamp, the whole state.” – Leigh

(I asked a fellow media room member before the interview, what is cut snake like? She only had one word answer for me, “crazy”.)

CosmosGaming: For people those are unfamiliar with cut snake how would you describe yourselves?

Fish: “Mad as a Cut Snake. It’s pretty much an Australian expression meaning when someone does something wild; they say, “Fuck! You’re mad as a Cut Snake. We’re finally getting Americans educated on how it came.”

Leigh: “Yeah I don’t know, we are pretty fucking wild, always down for a good time.”

Fish: “We are just fun as fuck. We just love having a good time with everyone.”

CG: Then other than preforming what do you like to do for a good time?

Leigh: “Surf pretty much. We use to surf for a living, and that’s how we got to know each other and started traveling together. We moved to California for surfing and then we got into music and then that ended up taking over.” – Leigh

Fish: “We don’t surf much anymore I tell ya, we pretty much, drink, piss and play music. Our whole lives live around the beach we are out in California and its only 30 minutes away from the beach but music is around the beach vibe and its about fun that’s really it.”

CG: The good life, I wish I could live like that! Who are guys most excited about for MIA?

Leigh: “To be honest, I haven’t looked to see who is really preforming today. “

Fish: “I want see Cypress Hill, it’s the old school fucking shit!”

Leigh: “We grew up with that shit.”

Fish: “I don’t remember what movie it was, but they were in some gangsta movie, then I started pulling in their music and I thought it was really bad ass mothafuckers.”

CG: I always like to end my interviews with this question, what does music mean to you?

Leigh: “Life.”

Fish: “Happiness, joy! Without it, I don’t know! I’m listening to it and it makes me feel good. Without music this world would be pretty shit. You would have beer and pussy and that’s about it.”


I later chatted with upcoming rock band, The Ooohh Baby Gimme More (The OBGM) from Toronto, Canada. The OBGM consists of Densil McFarlane, who plays the guitar sing (and provides all of the sexy), and because of him none of the sexy is left to provide. Cola Humphrey, who plays the drums claims that Densil is trying to steal that away. Jemuel Roberts provides the synth and does back up vocals. Last but not least, Joseph Brosnan, who plays bass in the band.


CosmosGaming: According to the The OBGM Facebook page, their genre is Garage Party Funk. For people who are unfamiliar with your sound how would you describe it in one word?

Brosnan: “We are actually just rock & roll, to be completely honest and to midst words, you lose track of everything and what’s it about. We play our instruments, never going to have a back and track, and we just kill it, live rock and roll, at the end of the day. Chuck Berry. ”

Roberts: “I would describe ourselves party-punk.”

Humphrey: “Rock and roll, all one word.”

McFarlane: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Since they are a Canadian band, I had to ask if they have ever been to Philly before. To my surprise, this way their first time! Welcoming them, I told them I love Philly, but I am born and raised in New Jersey. And just like that they all started speaking in their wannabe stereotypical Jersey girl accents. Talking about coffee, Gina, and Josephina. Trying to break away from having my new Canadian friends make fun of my home state, I asked them: how was the crowd today for Made in America?

Humphrey: The crowd today was really live. We are so appreciative not only grabbing Philly’s crowd but also having our Toronto peeps come down and see us! Our New York peeps came too, we are slowly building, quickly.”

CG: What are you guys planning after MIA, new music, tours?

McFarlane: “We are actually releasing our album on September 12th. It’s officially our full-length album; it’s a banger, God Damn! We’re doing it! We don’t have any features, Kanye isn’t on the album, but it’s okay cause it’s a labor of love, it’s from the bottom of our hearts and it will definitely be something people will look out for.”

Brosnan: “We are playing Pop Montreal and Ums Fest. Quebec is our lovely providence, and playing there will basically be our first time having us then letting them destroy us! Taking over the French.”

CG: You guys mentioned before Kayne will not be on the album, there won’t be any features on it, but if you could collab with anyone who would it be?

Brosnan: “Well shout out right now to this Made In America festival, Darly Palumbo from Glassjaw, he is one of my heroes ever since I was in grade nine. He’s a stellar vocalist and to have him scream on top of something we do, that would be a blessing.”

Roberts: “I would say Death From Above 1979, that would make me very happy.”

Humphrey: “To be honest, there are so many names I would love to work with. I think would just love to feature all of these guys on the next OBGM album. But real talk I can’t even name a name. There are just too many, but I just love working straight with these guys.”

McFarlane: “If we can’t get a feature from Jesus Christ, I think I will just go with Joe Brosnan, Jemuel Robert and Colanthony Humphrey. That’s all we need!”

I ended the interview with my favorite question, what does music mean to you? This band had a lot of spunk and personality. Just by talking to them they just gave me the vibe of positive energy and a feel good attitude. Music to them meant life, it saved their lives, it comes from the heart, it connects, it’s relatable and it’s their freedom of voice. They are not a political band or stand for anything else other than freeing yourself. They are the type of band you want to get lively with! When you see them preform you just want to dance and mosh!


Onto a totally different genre of music, I chatted with Jon Foster and Chelsea Tyler an electro soul duo known as KANEHOLLER. The two greeted me with a friendly handshakes followed by a sweet hug. I feel in love with them, they were just so darn cute.

They are originally from Boston; the two meet in Brooklyn and now are currently living in California. This soul duo has been influenced from Pretty Lights, DJ Krush, and even Radiohead. Their soul binding music and chemistry between each other is like no other.

They both seems thrilled to be apart of Made In America, and was excited to see the band The Neighbourhood. The duo just released an EP on ITunes, called Volume 2, following up with there previously EP, Volume 1. Volume 2 consists of 4 songs: “Choked”, “Killer”, “Careless”, and “A.S.N.Y.” They plan on releasing another EP, Volume 3, within the next month.

Asking them if Kayne would listen to the EP, which song do you think he would like the most? They both agreed to their song, “Choked” which is actually their personal favorite from the EP.

Although it has not been announced yet, KANEHOLLER will be out on tour very soon. Expect to see them in their hometown Boston, as well as other popular east coast cities.


Made In America was such a joy to attend to this year. I discovered new and up and coming talented artists who bright light to the music industry. I would not sleep on these incredible artists, Cut Snake, The OBGM, and KANEHOLLER. Each group just had their own sense of style, spark and personality. I look forward to seeing these musicians again, encourage you to check them out and I cannot wait for Made In America 2015.

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