Papa Roach/Jet/Morningwood/Kill Hannah

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chip Tamplin had the chance to attend Papa Roach’s most recent tour, which also featured co-headliners Jet along with Morningwood and Kill Hannah. Check below for Chip’s impressions and photos from the show.

Kill Hannah:

While this is only the second time I’ve seen Kill Hannah live, the last time was also in Baltimore and also with Papa Roach, back in 2006. While I enjoyed their set, most people didn’t seem to, probably due to the eclectic nature of all the bands involved and the fact that the vast majority of the crowd was only there to see Papa Roach. Both light and sound clarity were a problem for Kill Hannah but I still felt that they put on a very solid performance, especially considering the quality of the two headliners.

Vocals: 8
Crowd Response: 7
Overall Sound: 8
Band Activity: 8
Overall Rating: 8


1. Kennedy
2. The Chase
3. Strobe lights
4. Radio
5. New York City Speed
6. Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker
7. Lips Like Morphine


The only word that can describe this band is “…wow”. A female-led band from New York City, Morningwood had all kinds of energy as well as a slightly promiscuous front woman. While the crowd seemed to like this band less than Kill Hannah, they were certainly entertained by their antics. At one point she brought up both male and female members of the crowd and had them strip on stage, made out with the girl, straddled the guy then motor boated the girl (for those of you who don’t know what that term means, look it up). Certainly an unorthodox way to get the crowd involved but it definitely was worth a good laugh. Musically the group didn’t bring anything groundbreaking to the mix, but were still entertaining.

Vocals: 8
Crowd Response: 5
Overall Sound: 7
Band Activity: 6
Overall Rating: 7


1. Nu Rock
2. Killer Life
3. Snobby
4. Hot Tonight
5. Best of Me
6. Teenage
7. Easy
8. Jetsetter
9. Sugar Baby


Next was the tour co-headliner, from the land down under, Jet. Playing a garage band style of rock n’ roll, Jet was definitely the farthest away on the rock spectrum. They opened with their smash hit “Cold Hard Bitch”, to which most attendees knew the words (or at least enjoyed screaming “BITCH”). The only complaint I had of Jet was the fact they were given an hour-long set, same as Papa Roach. While they are a good band and have some great songs, their lack of movement and the likelihood of all songs blending together made the set a bit dry and seemed to last longer than it actually did and that definitely caused the crowd to lose interest by the end of their set. Overall Jet was and is a solid live band, but I would suggest they garner a bit more enthusiasm if they want to win over more American crowds in the future.

Vocals: 9
Crowd Response: 8
Overall Sound: 9
Band Activity: 5
Overall Rating: 8


1. Cold Hard Bitch
2. Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is
3. She’s a Genius
4. Hey Kids
5. Get What You Need
6. Black Hearts (On Fire)
7. Last Chance
8. Start the Show
9. Take It or Leave It
10. Come Around Again
11. Goodbye Hollywood
12. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
13. Rip It Up
15. Get Me Outta Here

Papa Roach:

Now onto the REAL headliner, Papa Roach. Anyone who has been living under a rock and never seen this band live needs to only know one thing: singer Jacoby Shaddix is fucking insane. Shaddix is prone to “eating” his microphone (pictured below), stage diving from the second floor of a venue and getting more energy from a crowd then previously thought possible. Joining Shaddix on stage are guitarist Jerry Horton, bassist Tobin Esperance and new drummer Tony Palermo (formerly of the band Unwritten Law). Also joining the band on stage was a new and improved stage set up including extra lights and a large stand for Palermo and his drum kit.

As the house lights dimmed the intro to Papa Roach’s newest album Metamorphosis (“Days of War”) started allowing all members but Shaddix to waltz onto stage and start into their instrumental parts on the song. Then as it ended Shaddix ran onto the stage to start right into “Change or Die”. With strobe lights pounding Shaddix flashed a sinister grin before screaming “LET’S GO” and “THIS IS A BATTLE CALL! TO ONE! TO ALL!” essentially setting the tempo for the rest of the show. Over the next hour Shaddix and co. would cycle through some of their biggest hits spanning their ten-year career including “Forever”, “Scars” and “Lifeline”.

I was also given the opportunity to sit in on a special pre-show acoustic performance they put on that was being recorded for the US troops. The 3-song set included acoustic performances of “Forever”, “Lifeline” and “Had Enough”. We were the first crowd to hear their newest single “Had Enough” done acoustically.

Few bands nowadays can even remotely measure up to the show quality that Papa Roach puts on day in and day out. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen them before to check them out, no matter who they tour with.

Vocals: 10
Crowd Response: 10
Overall Sound: 10
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 10


1. Days of War
2. Change or Die
3. Broken Home
4. Lifeline
5. …To Be Loved
6. Getting Away With Murder
7. Scars
8. Had Enough
9. I Almost Told You That I Love You
10. Forever
11. Dead Cell
12. Time Is Running Out
13. She Loves Me Not
14. Hollywood Whore
15. Between Angels & Insects
16. Into the Light
17. Last Resort

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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