Papa Roach/Skillet/Trapt/My Darkest Days

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Sunday, October 10, 2010

Papa Roach and Skillet are currently out on a co-headlining tour across the United States. Chip Tamplin had the chance to check out the tour when it came to Baltimore, MD. Check below for his review and photos from the show.

My Darkest Days:

I wasn’t really familiar with them before this show, but I’m open-minded. I missed their first song and a half because of problems with the guest list, but the parts of the set I saw were good. I enjoyed them. Good party rock vibe, the crowd seemed to enjoy them though didn’t really show much energy for the band short of semi-mosh pits during their closer “Porn Star Dancing”.

Vocals: 9
Crowd Response: 7
Overall Sound: 9
Band Activity: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Set list:

1. Move Your Body
2. The World Belongs to Me
3. Can’t Forget You
4. Set It on Fire
5. Every Lie
6. Come Undone
7. Porn Star Dancing


Trapt was a huge disappointment for me. I’d never seen them and they were one of the main reasons I wanted to cover this show (besides Papa Roach). Singer Chris Brown showed some energy but just sounded off all night and had major problems getting the crowd to get into the set until their last two songs. It was a good set list but they had problems from connecting with the crowd and it proved to be too much to overcome.

Vocals: 8
Crowd Response: 6
Overall Sound: 8
Band Activity: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Set list:

1. Stand Up
2. Sound Off
3. Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?
4. Stranger In The Mirror
5. Contagious
6. Disconnected (Out of Touch)
7. Still Frame
8. Headstrong


Skillet came out swinging early with “Hero” to get the crowd going and didn’t slow down any. Playing some of their biggest hits including “Monster”, “Whispers in the Dark” and “Rebirthing”, Skillet proved that they were up-to-task with opening for Papa Roach. Singer and bassist John Cooper was constantly pumping up the crowd and running around the stage and guitarist Korey Cooper was running around, head banging and sticking her tongue out at the crowd. The only real complaint I had with their set was John stopping between songs to preach about religion. They’re a Christian band, sure, but I didn’t pay to hear you preaching. Still, their set was good and proved they deserved to be there.

Vocals: 9.5
Crowd Response: 9
Overall Sound: 9
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 9.5

Set list:

1. Hero
2. Whispers In The Dark
3. It’s Not Me, It’s You
4. Comatose
5. Awake and Alive
6. The Last Night
7. Drum Solo
8. Savior
9. Lucy
10. Monster
11. Sometimes
12. Rebirthing

Papa Roach:

While this tour was co-headlining between Skillet and Papa Roach, this was clearly Papa Roach’s show. Singer Jacoby Shaddix has unparalleled charisma on stage and has no problem getting the crowd involved. This tour was in support of their new CD, Time for Annihilation. They played 4/5 of the new songs on that CD, including opening with their single “Kick in the Teeth”. After that, they brought back some songs they haven’t played in quite awhile including the hard-hitting “Blood Brothers” and later on they brought back the anthem-chanting tune, “Born With Nothing, Die With Everything”. They also played some of their biggest songs including “Scars”, “Forever” and “Last Resort”.

My favorite moment of the show was the band FINALLY including “Blood Brothers” into the set list again. Overall, this was the best set the band has played in the last five times I’ve seen them. Jacoby voice tends to start to cut out mid-set but not enough to bring the show down and it never affects his relationship with the crowd.

Vocals: 9.5
Crowd Response: 10
Overall Sound: 10
Band Activity: 9.5
Overall Rating: 10

Set list:

1. Kick in the Teeth
2. Blood Brothers
3. Lifeline
4. Broken Home
5. One Track Mind
6. Scars
7. The Enemy
8. Getting Away With Murder
9. Born With Nothing, Die With Everything
10. …To Be Loved
11. Forever
12. Burn
13. Hollywood Whore
14. Dead Cell
15. Last Resort
16. Between Angels and Insects

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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