Pop Evil/Otherwise/Lansdowne at Rams Head Live

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pop Evil is in the middle of a headlining tour around the United States and Kaitlin Follmer had a chance to check out the Baltimore date at Rams Head Live.


This was my first time hearing Lansdowne, and the most interesting part of their set was their guitarists. At some point during their set I just tuned them out, there was nothing too original about them or their music. I’m not too sure how these guys got on tour with Pop Evil, they really didn’t do much to get me excited for the headliner.


Another band I really don’t care much for, though they were a bit of an improvement from the previous band, they moved and tried to establish the connection with the crowd. Nothing about their music seemed to stand out to me though. There is definitely some potential there but it needs to be fine tuned, with more experience and tours.

Pop Evil:

Pop Evil is one of those bands I always stand by and support; whenever they come within a couple hours of me I try to catch their show. While they are still considered to be a “new band” these guys work their asses off, if they aren’t in the studio they are on tour somewhere. In the past year I think I have seen them about four or five times, and every time they put on a hell of a show. They always have meet and greets and private acoustic sessions when they are in town and it is clear they love their fans and are so motivated by them. It’s good to see a band doing what they love because they love it, at some point it is more than just a job.

The band’s lead singer has so much charisma as he is constantly moving and putting on a show; he always finds a way to make a connection with the people in the crowd. Guitarist Toey Greves is another who is constantly posing and getting into the music. They have a good mix between a metal sound and new age rock, it’s nothing too original but what stands out for me is them on stage. They seem so comfortable and they really have a niche for getting the crowd excited and giving it all they have.

As I mentioned earlier I have seen them four or five times in the past year and this definitely works to their advantage and disadvantage. While they are hard workers and constantly accumulating new fans, they may be a little too accessible. I noticed that night at Rams Head they had the balcony area shut off meaning they did not sell enough tickets to justify opening the upper level. Somewhat of a disappointment, but lets face it, we’ll see Pop Evil in Baltimore in a couple months from now so if you didn’t catch this show there is always another. As much as I hate saying that it’s true. Sometimes you have to make yourselves a little less accessible, it will raise your value in a way.

The most disappointing part of this show was the opening bands. I think Pop Evil could have attracted more talented openers and that would definitely have helped with their ticket sales. I think this is one of the first times I have seen them as the headliner and I would love to see these guys do big things. I think they could have a strong career ahead of them.

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