Powerman 5000

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was really excited I got the opportunity to shoot these guys. Unfortunately I missed their first couple of songs because I was shooting Say Anything but there was no barrier so I mixed in with the crowd to shoot. Although I have only heard a couple of their songs that I really like, this is the sort of music I enjoy. I was disappointed at the space that was given to them since Motion City Soundtrack, and Say Anything were performing at Sonar the same night, Motion City and Say Anything were given the main stage while Powerman 5000 played on a smaller side stage. I was also disappointed at the turn out, while Motion City and Say Anything was sold out, Powerman 5000 filled just shy of half the room.

The first thing I noticed about these guys was the way they were dressed. They were all dressed a bit odd and Spider’s outfit was a little theatrical and weird, but this really plays to their style of music, a little weird and offbeat but interesting. I really enjoyed watching Powerman 5000, they were a bit eccentric and had very cool back lit lighting that cast all the men as silhouettes for parts of their songs. Throughout their set they were very accessible to the crowd, especially guitarist Evan9 as he was all over the stage and interacted with the crowd every chance he got. He came out at one point in the middle of the song and “pounded” everyone’s fist in the front row. Once their set was over they came out for their encore, all wearing masks, (except for Spider) like something you would see from a Star Wars movie. I was amazed they could still play just as well with them on! They ended their night with their hit “When Worlds Collide.” I was really glad I was able to catch the show, I would definitely go see Powerman 5000 again.

Set List

1. Intro
2. Show me What You Got
3. Nobodys Real
4. Stars Revolt
5. Automatic
6. Action
7. Free
8. Supervillain
9. V Is for Vampire
10. Time Bomb
11. City Of The Dead
12. Horror Show
13. Bombshell


14. Intro (eye)
15. Supernova
16. Hey That’s Right
17. When Worlds Collide


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