Rise Against/A Day to Remember

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rise Against is currently touring around the United States with A Day to Remember as direct support. Chip Tamplin had the chance to check out the tour when it came to Camden, NJ. Below are his impressions and photos from the performance.

A Day to Remember:

With how many shows I’ve been to over the past ten years, it’s getting tougher and tougher to find shows and bands I’m excited to see. I’ve seen the majority of my “must-see” bands and am growing steadily tired of the same bands and tours year in and year out. Thankfully Florida-natives A Day to Remember has given me a lot to be excited for over the past year.

I’m a newer fan of the band (less than a year) but they’ve grown from a group I never wanted to listen to into a group that I can barely go a day without listening to. Over the course of this past year I’ve covered them five times: Once on a headlining tour last April, Rock on the Range, two dates of Warped Tour and now direct support to Rise Against. Each time they’ve gotten better and exceeded my expectations of how great a band can be live. This show was no exception.

Starting off with “The Downfall of Us All”, A Day to Remember got the crowd participating early and never let up. Going through the majority of their hits, including “All I Want”, “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?” and my personal favorite, “A Shot in the Dark”, it wasn’t hard to see their appeal. It also didn’t hurt that they brought back fan-favorite “You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had the Chance”.

Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, excluding a few minor voice cracks towards the end of their set, was spot on and his energy on stage was as contagious as that of the remaining band members: guitarists Kevin Skaff and Neil Westfall, bassist Josh Woodard and drummer Alex Shelnutt. At the end of their final song, “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle”, the band dropped balloons on the crowd. It was a great way to end such an amazing set.

Vocals: 9.5
Crowd Response: 9.5
Overall Sound: 9.5
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 10


1. The Downfall of Us All
2. A Shot in the Dark
3. I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made of?
4. My Life for Hire
5. All Signs Point to Lauderdale
6. 2nd Sucks
7. You Be Tails, I’ll be Sonic
8. You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had the Chance
9. Homesick
10. Better Off This Way
11. Have Faith in Me
12. All I Want
13. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

Rise Against:

Rarely do you hear of the direct support to a headliner being a tough act to follow, but that’s exactly what it was like for Rise Against. Thankfully, Rise Against were up to the challenge. In support of their fantastic album Endgame, Rise Against put on one of the best shows of the year.

Starting slightly after nine, Rise Against played continuously for nearly two hours, plowing through twenty of their biggest songs. Vocalist and guitarist Tim McIlirth was constantly running from end to end to pump the crowd up while guitarist Zach Blair and bassist Joe Principe were jumping off risers and screaming along to Mcllirth’s vocals.

You could tell the crowd was into the show when they started to overpower and drown out Tim’s vocals. Overall, nothing really new from when I covered their tour in May 2011, but if it’s not broken, why fix it? Rise Against have a formula for success and they’re sticking to it. I loved seeing them in a bigger venue, but I find their smaller, more intimate club shows to be a lot more fun. Either way, if you ever get the opportunity to see Rise Against, don’t miss it.

Vocals: 9.5
Crowd Response: 10
Overall Sound: 9.5
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 10


1. Survivor Guilt
2. Ready to Fall
3. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
4. The Good Left Undone
5. Broken English
6. Help is On the Way
7. Disparity by Design
8. Drones
9. Re-Education (Through Labor)
10. Blood to Bleed
11. Satellite
12. Paper Wings
13. Prayer of the Refugee 14. Audience of One[Acoustic]
15. Swing Life Away [Acoustic]

Encore #1:

16. Make it Stop (September’s Children)
17. Give it All

Encore #2:

18. Midnight Hands
19. The Strength to Go On
20. Savior

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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