The Dirty Heads at Rams Head Live

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is a band that as most others, I only really became familiar with about a year ago when they released their single, “Lay Me Down” featuring Sublime’s new lead singer Rome Ramirez. Unfortunately for most people it is the only Dirty Heads song they are familiar with. These guys have some fantastic songs from their album “Any Port in a Storm” that I had started listing to promptly after I was asked to cover this concert. While these guys are most closely associated with Sublime, they have their own rock/hip-hop vibe to most of their songs, doing collaborations with various artist such as, Slash, M. Shadows, and Rome.

I was absolutely blown away by their set, this is a band I would prefer their live performance to their recorded sound, which for me, isn’t very often. Jared Watson (Dirty J) and Dustin Bushnell (Duddy B) are the voice of the band, along with Duddy B on lead guitar. The actual set was very calm; everyone was pretty much stationary aside from Dirty J who would pace from side to side animating each song. The crowd was into the concert from start to finish, towards the end of the set, Dirty J asked a crowd member to come up on stage with them to sing the “Buenos Noches rap” from their song “I Got No Time For Ya’ll.” It was a lot of fun for everyone in the venue, the girl who was chosen knew the rap without any hesitation. This is a band I would recommend to anyone, they have a wide range of appeal and a lot of talent.


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