Thrice/Kevin Devine/Bad Veins

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thrice has become one of the more recognizable bands in the post hardcore/alternative rock genres thanks to their constant experimentation and energetic live performances. Although the band had canceled some dates back in the spring, they are currently in the middle of a lengthy summer headlining tour and Cosmos Gaming’s newest photographer/writer Kaitlin Follmer had the chance to watch the show in Towson, MD. Check below for her impressions and photos.

Bad VeinsĀ 

Bad Veins is a small two person band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Before their show at the Recher Theatre, I had never heard of them. They came out with a good deal of energy and a very interesting set. They had a track player set up separating the drummer, Sebastien Schultz, and the lead singer/guitarist, Benjamin Davis. During the set the crowd filtered closer to the stage and seemed to enjoy the indie inspired band. Davis many stayed stationary on the right side of the stage as he managed the keyboard, guitar, vocals, and the track player. While Schultz had great energy on the drums, I recommend this band for anyone who likes an interesting twist in live music.

Kevin Devine

Once again I have never heard of Kevin Devine before Recher, although he was a pleasant surprise. He came out with his band with a great energy opening with a strong song, he interacted with his band mates on stage and tried to incorporate the crowd as much as possible. His music was a mix between indie and alternative with an acoustic undertone. This was quite a long set, and I notice a lot of positive responses among the crowd, and the couple how were impatiently waiting to see Thrice. I would recommend this band, the strong lyrics and bold music is very enticing.


I was intrigued to see Thrice, I have heard of the band, though I have not heard many of their songs, and I’ve heard great things about their live performances. The lead, Dustin Kensrue had great energy and immediately connected with the crowd, their sound was impressive though the it was somewhat hard to hear over the guitars. Throughout the set they kept everyone on their feet and were very consistent. I was impressed overall and would definitely recommend this band.

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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