B.O.R.: Nightcrawler May Creep Past Ouija

By Peter Towe

Published on Sunday, November 2, 2014

All Sunday weekend box office results are estimates, having said that, things have changed slightly since earlier this morning.  In what was both expected and reality, it was very slow this Halloween weekend.  Nightcrawler was proclaimed as the early Sunday box office champ, but since the news first broke, things have gotten trickier.  Ouija has approached the Nightcrawler estimates, and resulted in almost a dead even take.  Nightcrawler has taken in $10,909,000, while Ouija sits at $10,900,00.  With the slight edge to Nightcrawler and as a pure cinema fan, I can breathe a sigh of relief that the lazy, silly, and every negative fill-in-the-blank Ouija (in it’s second weekend) didn’t beat a beast of a movie that was Nightcrawler.  Moving on.

Fury finished third this weekend with $9.1 million, ending its 17-day-runat around $60.4 million.  Finishing fourth was Gone Girl with $8.8 million, and making the film David Fincher’s most domestically profitable box office film, while simultaneously showing why box office numbers really don’t matter.  Sure they matter for what future films studios release, they just have no impact on a films quality.

Here’s the full weekend box office estimates (which may change).

1. Nightcrawler $10.9 million

2. Ouija $10.9 million

3. Fury $9.1 million

4. Gone Girl $8.8 million

5. The Book of Life $8.3 million

6. John Wick $8.1 million

7. St. Vincent $7.8 million

8. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day $6.5 million

9. The Judge $3.4 million

10. Dracula Untold $2.9 million 

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