Community: “Repilot” Review

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Saturday, January 4, 2014

It’s no surprise to any fan of the show, new or old, that season four of Community had its issues. While I didn’t have the same amount of hatred for it that a lot of fellow long time fans did, it wasn’t hard to notice that season four had as many low moments as it did high moments, if not more. More often than not it felt like the actors had to try harder than necessary to portray their characters and the overall chemistry just felt off.

Going into season five, it was hard to know what to expect from what may be the shows final season. After the very shocking return of series creator Dan Harmon, and the happiness it brought to the cast, it was hard not to be excited going into the premiere episode, “Repilot”.

“These are the signatures of the five people that are crazy enough to care about this toilet. And tonight I almost got them to sue it.” – Jeff Winger (Joel McHale)

Rather than simply writing off last season to a dream or some trivial cop-out, Harmon and co. spend the majority of this episode re-introducing the cast. At the end of season four, Jeff had just graduated from Greendale Community College and his study mates weren’t far behind.

Season five finds them all graduated and in their new professions, but all worse for wear. Enter Rob Corddry, Jeff’s old law nemesis. Corddry’s character brings a new case to Jeff’s attention – this one involving Greendale. With Jeff’s return to Greendale, and the study groups eventual return too, the group as a whole must contemplate what they want to do with themselves going forward. This required the episode to focus on a lot of “busy work”. Amongst this busy work, you can truly feel the return of Harmon and what’s in store for Community.


These subtle but amazing moments are riddled throughout “Repilot”; from Abed’s amazing callback to the original pilot as well as a hilarious reference to Donald Glover’s impending departure from the show.

While there was certainly some clutter in the episode, the heart is not only still there, but it’s beating even harder now. With the cast reinvigorated by the return of series creator Dan Harmon, what may be the last season for us Greendale Human Beings, is certainly shaping up to be a great one.

Community airs Thursday’s at 8pm EST on NBC. 


The Good

+ Dan Harmon is back and better than ever.

+ Writing off Pierce/Season 4 - hilarious.

+ Rob Corddry.

+ #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

The Bad

- Lots of busywork.

- Only 4 more episodes with Troy.


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