Anti-Flag Interview

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our friend John from the Behind the Barricade Podcast was kind enough to do interviews for us at Riot Fest Chicago 2014. Here, he sits down with Pat from Anti-Flag to talk about their new greatest hits album A Document Of Dissent: 1993-2013, video games and their affects on training soldiers and, naturally, the fundamental issues with the United States. Even after the interview finished rolling, Pat stood there and talked with us for another five to ten minutes. A genuinely nice dude and definitely one of the best guys we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing here at Cosmos Gaming. A special thank you also goes out to go Kevin of HeadAboveHeart and One Love Massive for recording all of our interviews!

For more information on Anti-Flag, please check out the following:


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