Charm City Devils Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, June 8, 2009

Baltimore’s own Charm City Devils have began to make a big impression on listeners nationwide. Following plenty of popularity in the area thanks to local radio stations, the group was snatched up by Eleven Seven Music and recently put out their debut Let’s Rock ‘N Roll. Cosmos Gaming had a chance to catch up with vocalist John Allen to find out more.

Congratulations on releasing your debut album. Do you feel relieved to have an album under your belt and how have listeners reacted to the disc so far?

Thanks! The reaction has been fantastic!

Give us a little history on Charm City Devils and explain any changes that you have gone through since your formation.

This line-up has only been together for 2 years. Right after Nick joined “Let’s Rock N Roll” got picked up by 98 Rock and then Eleven Seven showed interest.

Since you’re a local band (Cosmos Gaming is based in Maryland), what are your favorite local venues to play at and why? Do you have any local bands that you enjoy playing with when you are in the area?

I don’t know, any place where the beer is cold and the people love rock!

Speaking of the area, a lot of radio stations in the area really helped you to gain exposure. How were you able to get the radio to pick up your material and get it out there?

I have had relationships with many of the DJs at the stations and continually try to make new friends everywhere I go.

How does it feel to be signed to Eleven Seven Music and what opportunities do you feel that the label brings for you?

Man, it feels great to be with Eleven Seven! They are the right label for us! They dig what we do and we dig what they do! I mean, the opportunities that they have given us is mind-blowing!

I know you will be taking part in Cruefest, but what other tours will you be taking part in this year/who else will you be playing with?

What other touring is worth talking about more than CRUEFEST!!!??? LOL We’ll do some dates down South before the Cruefest and hopefully we’ll do something big after. We are stoked to be on CF2 with all the great bands!

How does the band approach songwriting? Does one of you come up with a main riff or is it more of a collaborative process?

This record was written by me mostly. Hopefully for the next record we will be able to collaborate more.

It seems as though any of the songs on your debut could be potential singles. Has this made it difficult for you and your management/label to decide which songs to consider for future singles?

Well, we are concentrating on “Let’s Rock N Roll” right now and that was an easy pick since it did so well on 98 Rock we knew that we had something… We haven’t crossed the bridge yet when talking about next the single. I think “Best Of The Worst” will be one.

As we’re also a gaming site, do any of the band members play any games? If so what games do you play?

I don’t know about the other guys, I know I don’t have any time right and if I did – I would get totally addicted (like I have before) and that’s not good when you have a lot to do!

Your music seems like it would be a perfect fit for Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Are there any plans for your music to be added to either of these games in the future, and if not would you be interested in having it done?

We hope to be a part of those games in the future!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Just thanks for all the support and come out to the shows and say hi – we are real approachable.

For more information on Charm City Devils visit their website at or their Myspace at

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