Conditions Interview

By Mario Trevizo

Published on Monday, August 16, 2010

Conditions is a relatively new band that has been creating hype through a busy touring schedule and two EPs. The group recently signed to Good Fight Music and will be releasing their first full length later this year. Mario Trevizo had the chance to speak with vocalist Brandon Roundtree and guitarist Alex Howard to find out more.

You were just recently signed, what label did you sign to?

Brandon Roundtree: It’s a new label called Good Fight Music. All the guys from Ferret Music just started this new label called Good Fight and we were totally happy to sign up with them. We’ve been unsigned for awhile even with being on top on Pure Volume for two years in a row and they just seemed like the perfect fit for us. They’re great guys. I was actually in a band before Conditions that was signed to Ferret Music and got to meet a bunch of their other employees and stuff and when Conditions was looking for a label Carl approached us and he basically runs it like one giant family so we knew it would be a good fit for us you know?

Alex Howard: That was one of the most important things for us man, just knowing that people cared.

You’d released your own EP, are you going to re-release any of that or are you going strictly for new material?

Brandon: The discography of Conditions is what, two EP’s? We have a brand new record we’re putting out on Good Fight in September. It’s done. The lead single as well as another track came out today. We’re looking at a September 14th release date for when the record comes out. It’s eleven songs. It’s eight and a half new songs, two are re-released from previous EP’s.

Alex: Yeah, one from the first one and one from the second one.

Brandon: That’s what we’re promoting on Warped Tour right now. Our new single is out on iTunes so we have two brand new songs up and then the record comes out in September.

When would you say you really started to write this album? 

Brandon: I think besides the two songs we’d already recorded it was really only like a year. The “You are Forgotten” EP came out last summer during Warped Tour and in the midst of that and throughout the rest of the year we were writing so we recorded the new album, Fluorescent Youth, in February of this year, so really only a year for all the writing and recording and everything.

Alex: Yeah, it went by really quick.

Brandon: Yeah I think one of the other reasons why it went by so quick was because when we went into the studio to start recording we got snowed in [Laughs] so it just became, “well, why not work all day?” We worked our butts off for it though. We’re really happy with how it came out man.

Alex: Absolutely man.

I see you all still very much have the “do it yourself” mentality, I saw you all passing out stickers and stuff earlier.

Brandon: Always, always. We’re a band that has always known who put us where we are. So we plan on holding on to those values.

Since Good Fight is a relatively new label, are they able to promote you to the extent you need, or is a lot of it falling on you to do?

Brandon: So far they’re doing an incredible job. They’re distributed through Sony Red, which is a pretty big distribution company and because of Good Fight basically took our music to them and they were really stoked and got behind us so they’re pushing hard for us, which is awesome.

Alex: Yeah, they’re really pushing hard for us, which is awesome.

Brandon: Regardless of whether you’re on an Indie label that no one knows or on a major label that everybody knows, you still have to work your butt off and not rely on anyone else to just do the job for you, you know? If everybody is working hard it’s just going to be that much better. We don’t want to just sit back and let everybody else take all of the workload. We want to work some too.

How I meant to ask that was just whether or not it has become any more relaxed knowing that you’ve got someone there to back you now? 

Brandon: Oh yeah, I can totally rely on them. I can just say, “Hey ______, I need this to happen” and they can take care of it. It’s great having that comfort on the business side. We have a new tour manager, a new booking agent, a new label, everything is brand new for us and we couldn’t be happier with it.

So with this new booking agent, do you have any other cool tours coming up soon? 

Brandon: We literally just got a new booking agent last week, so things are still in the works. He’s out with our manager trying to find us some good Fall support tours so we’re just waiting on the word for that. So hopefully we’ll be able to stay out on tour as much as possible in the fall.

For most bands of your size, they’re not able to really have light shows or anything during their live sets, but you all have managed to work in some, do you think in the future as your popularity rises you’re going to make that a bigger part of your live shows?

Brandon: Absolutely man. Our other guitarist Jason [Marshall] we call him the lighting director. Everyone has their “thing” in the band and we always think of him as “the lighting guy”. He’s always fooling with them and mixing stuff up and got all these ideas. We just lack the funding. Once the funding comes around he’s going to go to town on it [Laughs] He’s way into that stuff and I like the stuff he comes up with so we’re totally into giving a show.

Who’s that one band that you just think you’d fit in perfectly with?

Brandon: As far as like…big band status, I think opening for bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars or My Chemical Romance would be probably be the best. I mean, there are plenty of “dream tours” we feel like we could be on, like we love Circa Survive and we’d love to go out on tour with Anberlin so basically we’re just shopping for some great tours to go out on.

Have you all been playing a lot of local/east coast shows lately?

Brandon: Not really. Recently we’ve just been trying to make the change from studio band back to live band again. We’ve just been doing a couple of one-off shows to kind of work out all the kinks and get back into our showmanship and get ready for this [Warped Tour] and just rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and just get ready for everything our booking agent gets.

Okay here’s my last question: Obviously you all are still a “do-it-yourself” band still by promoting yourself but it never hurts to have that extra help, like Good Fight. But let’s say you could have someone even more convincing, like a superhero. If you could pick any 3, who would be on your team?

Brandon: Wow that’s an awesome question. I’d have to do Mega Man because he’s been a big part of the band recently because we learned how to play one of the songs from the Mega Man soundtrack [Laughs] we recorded it recently. It was really funny and I did completely impromptu lyrics for it and everything [Laughs] but yeah we need to come up with a cohesive unit for our team. 1. We’ve got Mega Man. 2. Well, I really like the new Batman stuff…

Alex: Yeah, Batman is a total badass.

Brandon: Okay so now we’ve got Mega Man and Batman and now we need a third. Wow, this is a lot tougher than I thought. We need someone who could just like, straight up threaten your life.

Alex: The Hulk?

Brandon: Nah.

Alex: We’d need someone like…Freddy Krueger or something like that. How does that sound?

Brandon: Hell yeah. Our new management team is: Mega Man, Freddy Krueger and Batman. That says a lot about Conditions [Laughs]

Well thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day to talk to us.

Alex: Any time man.

Brandon: Yeah, definitely. That was a lot of fun!

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