Confide Interview

By Mario Trevizo

Published on Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Confide has been gaining a lot of exposure recently after putting out their newest album Recover on Tragic Hero Records earlier this year. Mario Trevizo had the chance to speak with drummer Joel Piper about their live show and more.

So you finished up a tour with From First To Last a few months ago correct?


And did you end up doing anything after that? Like anything small?

Right after that we went straight to Europe and played in 11 different countries.

Oh wow, how did that go?

Oh it was awesome. It went really well. Right after that we did our CD release tour and went straight on to warped tour.

How did the CD release tour go in terms of people coming out?

It was awesome. We had a lot of fun. It was crazy, we did a lot better than we thought we would.

So there was a lot better crowd participation than you were expecting?

Yeah, way better.

So now that you have the new record, are you guys incorporating any of your new songs as the ending track? You know, since the ending track is normally the single.

Umm yeah, actually we now only play one old song in our set list.

Wow really? That was actually my next question. I reviewed the album some time ago, and I felt the album was powerful as shit. So I was just wondering, since you released a bunch of great new songs, if you would be dropping the old ones.

[laughs] Yeah. We dropped a lot of old ones, almost all of them.

Why did you decide to do that? Is it because you like the album that much more?

Uh, none of us like the old stuff. None of us were really in the band when the old stuff was written.

How many members changes have there been?

There have been three member changes out of the five. So yeah, a lot of us are new and that’s why the record sounds so different.

When you guys decided to do your cover song, what was that attracted you to do that specific song?

It was really just meant to be a joke just for fun. We recorded it in my studio, re-arranged some shit, and did electronic programming and yeah. We just did it for fun. We didn’t realize that kids would like it so much, or hate on it so much.

So what song right now, would you say kids are reacting to the most?

Kids really like “View From My Eyes” and “My Choice Of Words”. I think the favorite though is probably “Delete, Repeat”.

Are there any songs that are more personal for you or the band off the new record?

“My Choice Of Words” is about a girl that I dated and she ended up being nuts. So that song is very personal for me.

Do you guys like playing it because it gets a lot of anger out for you?

Oh no. It was so long ago that even when we were writing it, I was emotionally separated from it. It actually ends up being one of the crowd’s favorite songs as well, which is actually pretty funny.

So what can we expect after Warped Tour is all finished up?

Right after this we have a full U.S. tour with We Came As Romans. Right after that we are going to Japan with Pierce The Veil. Then we do another full U.S. tour right after that with Miss May I.

Man, you’ve guys got your year all planned out. So is this all stuff that will run into 2011?

It’s actually going to be finishing up around December. Each tour is going to last for about a month each. Japan is only going to be about a week, but everything else is just four-week tours. Full U.S.

Are there any countries that you really excite you to play at?

Australia is my favorite. It’s my favorite place; I love touring out there. Japan is cool, and Europe is cool. But I like Australia the best.

When you are traveling through the States, what is the one restaurant you always need to stop at?

Well, I love Cracker Barrel, and that’s all over, except for California. But yeah I love Cracker Barrel; it’s probably one of my favorite places.

So when you aren’t on the road, what would you guys be found doing on your down time?

Well Ross owns his clothing company. I’ll be in the studio actually 100 hours a week, in my studio, producing bands and stuff. Or I’ll be working on my solo music. Everyone else would be doing something chill.

In terms of the music, it seems like Confide went from being a name that some people knew to having a huge jump-start on your reputation. Does it feel kind of crazy at times seeing how well your album actually did?

Yeah it definitely surprises me. I mean we all did our part. We all do our thing. I am really stoked to see all of these doors opening. I don’t know if I have anything to do with it, but it’s really cool to see it happen. It makes me feel stoked that kids like my voice and stuff.

If you could tour with any band as a result to your rising status, which band would you hope to get on tour with?

Umm, I’ve always wanted to go on tour with my old friends As I Lay Dying. Jordan their drummer actually got me into my first band. So I would love to tour with them one day. Them or the [Devil Wears] Prada guys. I think that would be a really fun tour. UnderOATH if they still had Aaron would be totally awesome.

Now that you have set the bar for Confide, what are you trying to get fans to realize about your band, from your presence? In other words, what kind of impression are you trying to set with your music?

We just want kids to find hope in our particular music. We’re not trying to claim anything crazy or spectacular. We’re all just regular dudes that screw up. Our music reflects our faith a lot. So it is very instilled in us. We just want kids to find hope in our songs. So if anyone gets anything out of our music, hopefully it is some sort of sense of being stoked on life.

Is there any song of yours that you would say reflects that whole morale?

Every song individually kind of does, so it’s mainly just the whole record. So every song really ties in together its own meaning.

In terms of crowd participation, what is the one reaction to a song that you love seeing?

Well I don’t really see too much because I am always swinging my head around. But when I do look up and out into the crowd, I love to see jumping. I love seeing everyone ahead of me just all jumping together. I also love seeing crowd surfers and stuff.

All right last question. Let’s say that Confide is on their last tour, playing the last show ever, it’s the end of the road, at the final encore. And Confide just turns into a crazy insane monster. What are three traits this monster would have, and what would it be called?

Oh wow…that’s an interesting question. Three traits this monster would have? Like…could they be like powers?


I would say spider powers, like spider man web-slinging powers. It could fly. And it would have the power to make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich on earth.

So, would this thing be looking like a spider or a human?

I think it would look like a Pterodactyl mixed with a mouse.

And what would this be called?

We would call is the “Tera-Mouse!”

Straight up, well that about does it for me. Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you, man.

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