Frozen Dawn Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, May 9, 2014

Spanish black metal band Frozen Dawn released their new album Those of the Cursed Light in March. This was the group’s first release on Xtreem Music, and it was also the first time that I had heard their material. The songs on Those of the Cursed Light made an immediate impression on me as they not only had the chilling tonality that has always drawn me to black metal but had memorable riffs to go with it. I had the chance to send some questions over to Frozen Dawn’s vocalist Grinder to find out more about the album and its creation.

Frozen Dawn Band Pic

Those of the Cursed Light has been out for a few weeks now. What has the response to the album been like so far?

The response of the media and scene is amazing. We are really surprised and sometimes shocked (in the good way) about what people are saying about the album.

Your last album was released on Mighty Hordes Productions while this one was handled by Xtreem Music. How did the collaboration with Xtreem Music come about?

When we were recording the album we contacted Mighty Hordes, asking them if they were interested in releasing it. They told us that their activity as a label was stopped months ago. So we needed to find another label to release the album. As soon as we finished recording the album, we started to look for a new label. We got some proposals from Spanish and foreign labels, and the best one was from Xtreem Music. We knew about this label from a long time ago, as both the label and our band are from Madrid, and we knew very well how manager David Rotten works with his label and how he cares about the bands and the material that he releases. This was the key point to sign with Xtreem Music.

According to your Facebook page, Davinia recently left the group. Will you still be able to tour in the near future with a temporary bassist while you address this lineup change?

Yes, Davinia left the band in early March. But this is no problem at all. We asked Raul Casarrubios, the guy who was in charge of mix and mastering of the album, to take on the bass for some shows and this was met with a positive response. We don’t know yet if he will become a permanent member of the band, but the search for a permanent bassist is on the go.

Frozen Dawn lists plenty of familiar bands as influences, including Satyricon, Dissection, Darkthrone, Dark Fortress, Watain and Necrophobic. Which albums from these bands have stood out to you the most, and how have you been able to take elements from these groups and make them your own?

The influences in Frozen Dawn come from many sources. Not only from black metal but from death metal, heavy metal and even punk. Of course we are near to the mentioned bands, these are bands that we like a lot but I could not say you that any specific album has influenced us the most. Every band has influenced us in a different way, helping us to create our own sound…

In my opinion, Those of the Cursed Light has a fuller sound than The Old Prophecy of Winterland that allows the melodic leads to stand out even more than before. Tell me about the recording and songwriting process this time around and what elements you focused on to give this album the particular sound that it has.

The songwriting took us about two years as we thought that it is better to create songs as they come than to focus all the band work on songwriting. This could delay the time between albums but as we don’t have any kind of pressure from labels, we didn’t mind this. The same as with the songwriting has happened with the recording. It had taken us nearly half a year to record it completely. We took on the recording tasks by ourselves, and it took us quite long, because we were seeking the best take we could record for every song. This has given us the possibility to create more arrangements during the recording process, pushing the songs to a higher level. And the same with the mixing. Raul Casarubios has performed the mix and mastering without pressure, just with the goal to achieve the best sound we might get. And so we have now “Those Of The Cursed Light” and we are really proud of it.

Former Necrophobic guitarist Martin Halfdan contributed a solo to “Blackened March.” What was it like to work with someone that was in a band you were influenced by and how were you able to have the chance for him to contribute to the album?

Martin is Davinia’s friend and he was visiting her during the recording process. We asked him to record a solo and he agreed. It was funny and nice to have Martin for one evening at the recording studio. He not only recorded the solo but also taught us some facts about recording. Getting such a featured artist in an album gives the recording even more weight and value. We really appreciate this collaboration and it is very special for us.

Gragoth from Luciferium War Graphics did the cover art for Those of the Cursed Light. What ideas did you have in mind when approaching Gragoth about doing artwork and how does the cover relate to the Winterland concepts explored on the album?

We got in touch with Gragoth through the internet and we told him that inside the artwork we wanted the main concepts of the band’s lyrical theme, Winterland. A grim and pale landscape, the night and the moon, mistical and magical elements, the winter, among others. He came back with some ideas that we liked a lot. From these ideas, we worked together to get the final result. He is a great artist and his works are really amazing. As well as with the recording we are really proud of the artwork.

Spain has a continually growing metal scene with plenty of noteworthy bands. What are some groups that may not be as well known outside of Spain yet that are worth paying attention to?

I could go for hours naming good Spanish bands, but people should put an eye on Bitch Witch, Kuturlat, Eternal Storm, and Violent Eve, to name a few….

What else is in store for Frozen Dawn for 2014?

We will be touring Spain after the summer to promote the new album. Some dates are already confirmed and many more are to come. Perhaps we will perform some gigs abroad if our works allow us to do it. Some others things will come this year like a new video clip that we recorded months ago and it is in the preproduction phase. And maybe we get a new bassist player soon……. Thanks a lot for the time reading this interview!!!! See you in hell!!!!!!!!!!


I’d like to thank Grinder for answering my questions. For more information on Frozen Dawn, check out the following links:

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