Noctum Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, December 1, 2013

Noctum released their newest album Final Sacrifice earlier in the year on Metal Blade. I liked the group’s mixture of occult rock, heavy metal, and doom as it felt just a little bit different from the others out there performing this type of material. I had the chance to email some questions over to the band and they were answered by drummer Fredrik Jansson.


Congratulations on the release of Final Sacrifice. Now that that album is out, what else is in the works for Noctum looking ahead to 2014?

Thanks! Right now we are waiting for someone to book us some tours. We really want to play as much as possible next year.


Between the release of The Fiddler and Final Sacrifice guitarist Daniel Johansson and drummer Fredrik Jansson joined the band. How did you bring these two members into Noctum and what made you decide they were a right fit for the group?

Daniel is an old friend of the band. Noctum actually supported one of my old bands a couple of years ago and after that me and Tobias kept in touch every now and then. I think they wanted us in the band because we’re so talented and handsome.


Lawrence Mackrory from F.K.U. was the producer for the album. What was it like working with him and how do you feel it added to the final effort?

Lawrence has a lot of patience and a great sense of humour so it was really cool to work with him. He knew what kind of sound we wanted since he is familiar with the history of rock music. You can say we speak the same language musically.


I saw it mentioned in another interview that you spent quite a bit of time crafting the storyline that the album follows. Was it challenging to put this type of narrative together or did everything come together easily over time? Are you planning on writing albums that span around an entire concept again in the future, perhaps tying the stories together?

Well it took over a year for Tobias to finish the plot so I wouldn’t say it was easy. Don’t know if we’ll try that again.


Your sound pulls in a lot of variation from rock, heavy metal, and traditional doom. I can hear influences from a lot of different classic acts (I’ve seen plenty of mention of Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath), but what are some bands or musicians that have influenced you that might not be so obvious to listeners?

Witchfinder General, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Candlemass and about a million more. Right now I’m listening to Dead Moon…good shit.


On your EP The Fiddler you covered Pentagram’s “Lazy Lady.” What made you choose this song in particular, and might we hear any more cover songs from Noctum at some point?

It’s a great song, simple as that. We actually started to rehearse a cover for the live set but I won’t tell what it is. It will be a surprise.


Cosmos Gaming also covers video games. Does anyone in the band play video games and if so what do they like to play?

I play a lot, I have two kids that enjoys it as well so we tend to spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Right now I’m really into GTA 4. Quite addictive.


If you could put any of your music into a video game or movie, what song(s) would you choose and how would they fit in with the material?

Some Skateboard game would be cool. Maybe some of our faster songs would fit.


What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

I hope people will listen to the album from start to finish and create their own opinion of what it sounds like instead of listening to what other says. I think that some will not give us a chance since we’ve been compared to a lot of hyped acts. Never mind, buy the vinyl and play it load!

Thanks for the interview!
Jansson/Drummer of Noctum.


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