Týr Interview

By Mario Pareja-Lecaros

Published on Thursday, June 6, 2013

I had the opportunity to venture to Baltimore Soundstage to see Paganfest America and speak with members of Ensiferum and Týr. Since both bands have been around for quite a while I figured I would just have fun with the interview and see what I could get out of each of them.

I was able to chat with drummer Kári Streymoy and bassist Gunnar Thomsen.


Ok before we begin would you please introduce yourselves and your role in the band.

K: Hi my name is Kari and I’m the drummer in Týr.

G: My name is Gunnar and I’m the bass player.

To begin with  could you tell me how you began playing your instruments?

K: I used to play horns but my uncle as always a drummer so I picked it up after him.

G: Well, I was just asked to play bass. So that’s what I did.

What do you guys do for fun on tour?

K: We will take a walk around the city take a look at stuff and do some sight seeing.

G: Some movies and stuff but not too much.

Any games?

K: No not really.

G: Flight simulator or Angry Birds.

If you weren’t musicians what other profession would you see yourself in?

K: I would probably a mechanic or a pilot.

G: I would be into cooking, I like that a lot.

Do you watch a lot of cooking channels?

G: Yes, yes I do.

What are your favorite drinks?

K: Vodka!

G: Umm beer, yea.

K: I don’t drink beer at all, I really don’t like it.

Anyone notorious for drinking more than others?

K: Well…hahah. Our guitar player really likes vodka too.

Any crazy things happen as a result of that?

K: Haha I’d rather he speak for himself.

Do you guys listen to metal at home?

K: I mostly listen to 60’s and 70’s American folk music. If its metal its old school Judas Priest, I never listened to black and death metal.

Any guilty pleasures?

K: Well Lady Gaga has some good stuff.

How is your songwriting process?

G: Everyone does a little bit and comes together to do something for the band. We will begin recording the new album when we head back.

Ok so if Tyr were an energy drink what would it be?

K: It would have vodka in it, so you can be really drunk and stay awake.

Any crazy things happen on tour?

K: Well a couple of tours ago Gunnar and I were missing our stuff for 17 days.

G: Yea all of our clothes.

K: We only had what we were wearing and instruments and everyone else was missing pedals and stuff.

G: I think we tossed those clothes afterwards.

Would you rather be a super villain or super hero?

K: I think super villains have more fun. I would like to be the joker.

G: Neither for me, too much pressure.

Is there anything you would be able to tell us about the new album?

K: Well it’s too early to say because we are still writing so we have no idea where it is heading so it is tough to say. Well there is gonna be boobs! That’s all I’m going to say.

I’m sure our readers will definitely be looking forward to that. Thank you for meeting with us, I am looking forward to hearing you guys play.


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For more information on Týr, visit their website at http://www.tyr.fo/.

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