A Life Once Lost- Hunter

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, May 12, 2006

A Life Once Lost’s Hunter is a brutal metalcore style album that will likely hook in listeners with interesting tracks such as “Vulture.” And while the music as a whole is quite technical and well put together, one can’t help but feel that it gets just a tad bit repetitious by the end. Hunter is one of those albums where a few tracks truly break out of the mold and attract your attention, while the rest are solid but not particularly noteworthy. Fans of the group and big metalcore junkies will definitely want to check this one out, while everyone else should sample before buying.

The best part of this disc would definitely have to be the unique vocal style. On almost every song they are extremely rough and very deep, producing a style that is slightly in between death metal and metalcore. But even on slower songs such as the title track “Hunter” the intensity is maintained. Genre fans will definitely feel at home while listening to the screaming, and it is definitely what gives A Life Once Lost a bit of an edge over a competition. Oh, and kudos to Randy Blythe for providing some extra vocals on the song “Vulture.”

The guitar riffs and other instrumental work on this album are solid and very technical, but at the same time repetitious. Due to the fact that chorus and verse riffs are often repeated several times throughout a song, they start to blend together a bit by the time the album comes to its close. A few tracks attempt to break this mold and inject a little bit of variety in, but as a whole everything just sounds too similar. Listeners will most likely feel that some of these songs could’ve been shorter had some of the choruses not been repeated as much as they are. One thing the band needs to consider for future releases is to up the experimentation in each song, and inject some variety in each one.

Due to the somewhat repetitious instrumentals Hunter isn’t quite a landmark album, but it is still a solid release from a band that continues to move up in the ranks. Genre fans are still advised to check it out, simply to see how crazy the vocals can get. But aside from that, what we have here is your average metalcore group that has a few standout tracks mixed in with some fairly generic ones.


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