Adrenechrome- Hideous Appetites

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, January 27, 2013

It has become increasingly harder to find newer thrash bands that stand out. While there have been a few that really made an impression on me, so many have simply rode the retro wave and ended up as another face in the crowd. Canadians Adrenechrome manages to stand out on their debut release Hideous Appetites, but they accomplish it by defying thrash stereotypes rather than following them. There’s still plenty of thrash centric moments, but the instrumentals also head into stoner metal and hard rock territory throughout the seven songs. It’s a combination of sounds that works quite well, and although there are still some aspects the band needs to improve on they’re definitely on to something.

Adrenechrome clearly wants to show listeners that thrash is one of their main influences, as opening song “Titans Fall” hits all of the elements of the genre that listeners would expect. There’s a flurry of fast paced riffs that give way to some slower passages, and the overall sound is clean and polished while still retaining just enough of a rough edge. But on the next track “Six Guns” the instrumentalists make it clear that they don’t want to be a mere thrash band. This number opens with a bluesy guitar riff that sounds like it was pulled right out of the stoner metal/rock playbook, and the way that the instrumentals twist and turn throughout this track is sure to immediately hook listeners. Adrenechrome continues to blur the line between these styles throughout Hideous Appetites, as the thrash assault often reappears when you least expect it in between groove heavy passages. Admittedly throughout the 33 minute run time there are some sections where the band stretches out instrumental interludes just a bit too far and they start to drag on, and I would like to see them tighten things up a bit as they move forward.

Lead singer Chris Friesen is all over the place when it comes to style and pitch, and this ends up being a positive and negative element throughout Hideous Appetites. It’s definitely a good thing that the band tried to make their vocal performances as varied as the instrumental work, as it keeps the material feeling fresh. But some of Friesen’s pitches work better than others, and in particular his lower screams are able to bring the most amount of intensity to the material. For the most part Friesen retains a distorted sound but goes up and down in pitch depending on what is happening during a particular track, but when he really tries to push his voice into higher territories it sounds a bit off at times. I wouldn’t say that it actively kept me from enjoying the material, but some of the higher tones were a bit awkward and could use some fine tuning.

A few of the interludes are too long winded and the vocals still need a bit more fine tuning to really find their strengths, but Adrenechrome is still off to a strong start. These guys seem to be genuinely pulling from a combination of sounds that isn’t that common and as a result their material already has some elements that stand out. Hideous Appetites is worth checking out if you like either thrash or stoner metal/rock, and while it won’t necessarily be your favorite release it gives the band a great base to build upon and I think they’ll reach a must listen to level in the near future.

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