Awaken Demons- The Mirror

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sometimes it isn’t easy to describe what type of music a band plays, but other times it is extremely simple to categorize them. Awaken Demons certainly falls into the latter category, as they are basically Italy’s answer to the American metalcore/hardcore style. On their sophomore effort The Mirror, the group has upped their production values in order to give their music more bite. But despite this, their overall style is just a bit too simplistic and because of this they don’t quite stand out when compared to the other acts out there.

If you’ve listened to any hardcore/metal act in the last three years or so you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from The Mirror. Every track consists of heavy riffs that lead up to energetic breakdowns, and while this isn’t that different from just about every other genre act out there I must give Awaken Demons some credit as they do attempt to change their riff structure a little bit from song to song. One of the best parts of this disc would have to be the production/mixing, as it brings out the aggressive style of the band and makes some of the songs more memorable than they would be otherwise. The instrumentalists do still have quite a bit of work to do when it comes to standing out within their genre, but as of right now they’re still a decent group.

The vocalist on this album has the traditional growling style that has become commonplace in the metalcore world, but he is able to hold his own with many of the best. In addition to this, while there isn’t that much variation in pitch Awaken Demons’ singer is able to change frequently enough that his vocals do not seem overly repetitive. Admittedly one area where the group could improve is the lyrical content as it seems a little too reliant on curse words and this does make some of the songs not seem as meaningful. It is certainly not a big deal and will not cause people to stop listening, but it could definitely be something that the group takes note of.

I genuinely like what Awaken Demons has to offer on The Mirror, but I must admit that they are not going to be a band that I remember for months and months to come. The group has a solid metalcore/hardcore base in place and it is clear that the instrumentalists have some skill, but unless they are able to move beyond some of the simplistic genre structures they will remain just another face in the crowd. For now they’re a decent act to turn on if you’re looking for something heavy to rock out too, but don’t necessarily expect a lasting impact.

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