Be Your Own Pet- Be Your Own Pet

By Stephen Paulin

Published on Saturday, April 22, 2006

be your own Pet are a four piece noisy post-punk band from Nashville consisting of three guys and a girl, who is responsible for the vocals. They are very often compared with New York art punk band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because of their raucous sound, strong female vocalist and abrasive guitars, but there is a huge difference between them, be your own PET are by no means art rock in any way. They make loud, primal rock.

be your own PET’s debut album contains 15 tracks in about 30 minutes and some of them are less than 60 seconds in total. It’s amazing how much noise they can manage to pack into a song of less than 2 minutes. The album opens with Thresher’s Flail and brilliant drumming that slowly builds up the first section of signing from Jemina Abegg, who doesn’t so much sing but shouts the lyrics with unbelievable energy. On Bunk Skunk Trunk she yells out that she’s “an independent motherfucker”, drawing inspiration from the greats of the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s. From the next few tracks we can see that these are songs by a group of teenagers who are making music about the joys of being teenagers, with lyrics like “Have fun, and be safe with it, Just kidding, mosh it up” and “We’re fast we’re having a blast” from Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle. However after a few songs you begin to realize that all the songs are very similar, but then if you’ve listened to it for more than a few songs you’ll most likely be the kind of person who doesn’t care because all the songs are so much fun to listen to. The single released in March, Adventure is one of the better songs on the album, as well as one of the longer songs, at two and half minutes. It begins with a simple bass line and quickly builds on this, and it also shows the bands pop sensibilities with a sing-a-long chorus featuring Karen O-esque vocals. After this comes the aptly named Fuuuuuun which is as you’d expect from the title fun. To anyone other than a 15-19 year old this would just sound like a wall of noise, but if you’re within the age range it is an excellent piece of punk rock. This is followed by Stairway to Heaven which is obviously named after the classic rock namesake, but at the same time could be any different from it. Stairway to Heaven is another primal punk sounding song with Abegg yelling the lyrics to abrasive guitars and heavy drumming. Girls on TV opens to a quick guitar riff and then another guitar, drums and bass are added eventually. It is probably one of the more rhythmic songs on the album, it even contains a quick bass solo in the introduction to it. Let’s Get Sandy was released in January of this year as a single and it is amazing to see how much they are able to pack into just 58 seconds, and probably one of the shortest singles to chart in the UK. They’re able to put so much in by making such an incredible fast song that tires you out just listening to it. October, First Account is the slowest songs on the album and the only one were Jemina Abegg shows her true potential as a vocalist as she sings the lyrics beautifully, even with her characteristic punk style. The album ends with the triplet of Love Your Shotgun, Fill My Pill, Ouch. The first two sounds similar at the start with the only different being the scratchy guitars at the beginning of Fill My Pill. Then they close the album with Ouch which opens slowly but then the guitars speed up about 30 seconds into the song and gradually speeds up in the 3 minutes and 26 seconds making it the longest song on the album.

Although some of the tracks sound a lot like others on the album and if you aren’t paying full attention to the songs it can end up that they all seem to blend together to form just the one 30 minute track, but be your own PET’s self titled debut is a thoroughly enjoyable record that if you are of a certain age and of a certain mind frame then you will enjoy it from start to finish. But unfortunately not many of the older generations will see the fun of this collection of short songs and just pass it off as noise.

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