Bloodthirst- Żądza Krwi

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, May 1, 2014

Two years after releasing Sanctity Denied, Polish thrash band Bloodthirst returned with a four song EP entitled Żądza Krwi. Although Sanctity Denied didn’t quite stand out as one of the best examples of the genre I had heard in recent memory, the group did showcase potential and had a decent blend of black metal and thrash elements. There are two major differences between this EP and Bloodthirst’s previous output, as they have switched recording studios for the first time since 2007’s Let Him Die and this is the first time the songs are all in the band’s native language rather than in English. Are these changes enough to make Bloodthirst a stand out in the thrash genre?

One thing I noticed when comparing Żądza Krwi to Sanctity Denied was that the instrumental work and overall production had changed to a rawer, noisier sound than before. Previously Bloodthirst went for a slightly cleaner tonality that had a grittier edge to it, but this time around that seems to be one of the prominent elements of the recording. This has benefited the material considerably, as there were a few moments previously where the guitar work felt a bit flat and lacked the impact it needed to really attack the listener. With the change in production also comes a move towards an old-school European thrash sound. Although Bloodthirst has always offered fast paced, intense riffs that showcased this influence there were also some elements of black metal that popped up, and this time around I felt like thrash was the primary influence on each of the four tracks. There are still a few sections that blended together over repeat listens, but Żądza Krwi had a few more riffs that stood out which makes it seem as though these guys are heading on an upward trajectory when it comes to songwriting.

The harsher screams/growls of lead singer Rambo were an element of Bloodthirst’s music that I enjoyed quite a bit, and this continues to be true on this EP. As I mentioned earlier this is one of the first times the group has written all of their tracks with lyrics in Polish rather than English, and I can always appreciate when a band chooses to write in their native tongue. Aside from the language change, Rambo’s overall style hasn’t changed that much from one release to the other, as his performance still has that bite to it that is so crucial for Bloodthirst’s sound. It’s also worth mentioning that the vocals benefit from the change to the instrumental tonality, as having that extra burst of intensity behind them makes the performance stand out even more than before.

On Żądza Krwi Bloodthirst has traded in some of their black metal influences for straight up old-school thrash, and with that they have also gone for a grittier, rougher sound quality than before. These changes definitely were for the better, and while they’re still not quite one of my favorite thrash bands the songs on this EP have stuck with me a bit more than the other material I’ve heard from these guys. If you’re in the mood for some thrash that channels the old-school European sound and a slight black metal influence, consider picking this one up as Bloodthirst seems to be getting better with each release.

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