Bowling for Soup- Fishin’ For Woos

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Monday, April 4, 2011

Bowling for Soup isn’t the first band to write about stupid stuff. They won’t be the last, either. But luckily for them, they have a knack for doing so while still staying fresh and relevant.

After changing Fishin’ For Woos from a six-song EP to a full-length album, they were under a lot of added pressure to come through, and thankfully for them they did. Behind songs like “Girls in America”, “Here’s Your Freaking Song” and “Friends, Chicks, Guitars”, Bowling for Soup managed to hit the nail on the head musically and crank the amp up to 11.

While I doubt their music will ever top their debut, Fishin’ For Woos was a great album from start to finish and if you’re a fan of their earlier stuff, it’s hard to imagine a world where you won’t like this album too. Jaret Reddick’s vocals were spot on and the lyrics were written in typical Bowling for Soup fashion.

I’d give Fishin’ For Woos an 8/10.

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