Charm City Devils- Let’s Rock ‘N Roll

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let’s Rock ‘N Roll couldn’t be a more appropriate title for the debut album from Charm City Devils. The Baltimore based group channels ideas from a variety of different rock styles that combine elements of older bands such as AC/DC with some modern punk and sleaze rock touches. And thanks to their catchy hooks and slight variety in styles, Charm City Devils seems likely to appeal to rock fans of all ages and should become a group to continue listening to and keeping an eye out for in the near future.

A lot of bands of this type seem content to simply write AC/DC style guitar riffs and just stop there, but these guys appear to have done a bit more than that. Throughout the course of Let’s Rock ‘N Roll Charm City Devils’ instrumentalists dive into a variety of different styles. The majority of the album falls into the traditional sleaze/hard rock category but tracks such as “Almost Home” take a more melodic pop rock approach. It isn’t a huge jump (and some other artists such as Buckcherry have tried some of these styles previously), but thanks to the hooks on this album the band still manages to stand out. Let’s Rock ‘N Roll lasts for about 36 minutes, which is enough time for listeners to remember this disc but not get sick of it.

Charm City Devils’ vocalist John Allen at times sounds similar to both Buckcherry and AC/DC’s vocalists, but there are some songs on Let’s Rock ‘N Roll where he has his own unique flair. But whether he is going for a more sleazy style or a mellower, laid back one Allen always makes sure that his voice has enough energy and passion to hold listeners’ interests. And though the lyrical themes could be considered a little derivative by some, there is no denying that by writing more traditional songs listeners will be able to identify with them and find them even catchier.

On their debut this Baltimore based band has showcased themselves to be a no frills rock ‘n roll act that has great hooks. Let’s Rock ‘N Roll is a great album to play during a summer party or drive, and though it isn’t the most complex music out there sometimes simple is better as it is guaranteed that once you hear a Charm City Devils song it will be stuck in your head for awhile. They aren’t quite as big as label mates Buckcherry quite yet, but these guys certainly have the potential to get to that level.

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