Circus Diablo- Circus Diablo

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Circus Diablo is a hard/alternative rock band composed of former and present talent from The Cult, Fuel, Camp Freddy, and more. The group’s self titled debut has plenty of catchy hooks and single worthy songs, and contains a sound that is comparable to a less solo filled Velvet Revolver and a less raunchy Buckcherry. Thanks to this combination, fans of radio friendly alternative/hard rock will find a lot to like about Circus Diablo.

What makes this band so good would definitely have to be singer Billy Morrison. While some of the riffs are admittedly a little standard for the genre, his voice is strong enough to carry the album. And while his voice has a little more melody and is a little higher than that of Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Morrison is still a very capable vocalist. His singing is great, and his lyrics are catchy and even powerful at times. Because of this, Circus Diablo’s debut album shines.

Admittedly, the instrumentals do feel a tad bit generic at times. But perhaps I am jaded and have listed to too much hard rock in my time, as it seems as though every band that dubs themselves “hard” or “alternative” these days have very similar riffs. Despite this, the sense of melody produced by the guitar and bass suits the songs well and gives them a nice sense of atmosphere. However, it would be nice if the members of the band are given some solo time in the future. Music in this genre just seems to be begging for at least one or two good solos on an album, and Circus Diablo’s instrumentalists seem capable enough to do so.

Circus Diablo is off to a very promising start. While as previously mentioned some solo sections could work well, their debut album is filled with addictive tracks that combine the best elements of hard rock and alternative rock. They may not be that well known yet, but Circus Diablo is a band worth discovering. With another year or so under their belts, this band could easily be another memorable addition to the genre. It may not be entirely possible to predict that yet, but if the group continues in the direction that their self titled debut has gone, it could very well happen.

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