Dazy Head Mazy- Mercury Said 65

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chances are that if you are into alternative rock that pulls influence from some of the roots rock/jam band greats, you’re familiar with names such as O.A.R. and Dispatch (to name a few), but one they may not be as familiar with is Dazy Head Mazy. The Minnesota based band has been around for just as long as the aforementioned groups, but despite selling over 10,000 copies of their first full length album and winning various Minnesota Music Awards, Dazy Head Mazy has never achieved the same level of mainstream notoriety as their peers. This hasn’t stopped the group from continuing onward though, and they are now releasing their newest album Mercury Said 65 which showcases some familiar styles and should help them get even more fans.

If you’ve ever heard Dazy Head Mazy before or even some of the bands mentioned earlier, the instrumental styles should sound instantly familiar. The instrumentalists always make use of melodic, relaxing guitar jams that are often acoustically oriented. Initially listeners may feel that some of the songs on Mercury Said 65 tend to last a little too long and repeat the same ideas over and over again, but as they listen to the album more than once it seems likely that these songs will begin to seep into their brain and become more memorable than they initially anticipated. Because of the fact that Dazy Head Mazy lacks that initial wow factor and instead is more of an album that takes multiple listens to really stand out, Mercury Said 65 will take a little bit of patience and time to truly appreciate but the result of doing so will be truly rewarding.

Dazy Head Mazy’s vocalist Will Bauermeister has a very laid back singing style that works wonderfully in conjunction with the instrumentals. But don’t be fooled by his very mellow delivery as Bauermeister often sings songs that are somewhat goofy in nature and that don’t always take themselves seriously. This is a band that clearly has a sense of humor, as they mix in plenty of songs with humorous themes to go along with the more serious ones. Occasionally the lyrical content tends to repeat the same words a little too frequently, but this is a minor flaw and doesn’t hurt the album to the point that people will want to turn it off.

Listening to Mercury Said 65, I think I know why Dazy Head Mazy hasn’t achieved the large-scale popularity that other bands of this type have. The reason for this is that their music doesn’t have the immediate hooking power of these groups, but instead offers laid back grooves that will stick with listeners the more they listen to it. Don’t let the fact that they aren’t immediately hooking deter you, as if you give Dazy Head Mazy’s music time to truly sink in chances are you will be happy that you did.


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