Deathrite- Revelation of Chaos

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Germany’s Deathrite has released a steady stream of material since their formation in 2010, with this year’s Revelation of Chaos serving as their first for Prosthetic Records. Like Black Breath, these guys started off playing crust punk/hardcore with a metal edge to it, and slowly transitioned over to more and more of a death metal sound. This transformation will be immediately apparent once you turn this album on, as that familiar HM2 sound is on full display here with riffing that’s equal parts crust and Dismember. It’s a combination that I’m a big fan of, and if that description grabbed your attention Deathrite’s latest is a must have that’s near the top of the battle for Swedish death metal tonality supremacy.

The HM2 buzzsaw sound is everywhere these days, coming from Swedish bands that have been around since the early days of death metal as well as newcomers trying their own spin on the familiar sound. As a result, as soon as the guitars kick in on Revelation of Chaos you’re likely to feel that familiarity but that’s definitely not a bad thing considering that Deathrite has one sick riff after another. They’ve chosen to keep things short, so instead of padding things out with riffs that become overly repetitive the songs all hit as hard as possible while switching things up on a regular basis. Stylistically it falls somewhere between lumbering death metal, crust/hardcore riffing, and even some extremely fast blasting that has a bit of a grind edge. Though there are a lot of similar elements between songs as far as how Deathrite transitions between the straight-up death metal passages and crust ones, it never feels like they’re becoming repetitive or falling too much into a pattern which keeps each track feeling razor sharp and as intense as possible. Revelation of Chaos is one of those albums where you’ll be banging your head almost the entire time, as the switchovers from mid-tempo/slow chugs to super-fast blasting feels like a freight train is hitting you head on. Compared to their previous two full lengths it sounds as though the death metal elements have really taken over this time around with the crust punk riffing coming in every now and then, but it’s a natural progression that I think works for these guys and is likely to make them appeal to a fairly wide range of the punk/metal spectrum.

Vocals on albums like this tend to either fall into two camps, either emphasizing death metal growling or yelling that’s closer to hardcore/punk. Deathrite’s vocalist Tony leans towards the former on this album, delivering a lower growl that reverberates over the instrumentals and adds a grimier sound to the material. It’s the type of pitch that’s perfectly suited for a band that spends a good deal of time sounding like they’re writing lost Dismember tracks, as the grittier screams and growls add that extra burst of intensity. The album’s been recorded in a way that gives quite a bit of emphasis to the vocals without letting them completely overpower the riffs, which makes a significant difference and allows listeners to focus on both elements equally as they make their way through.

I’ve seen some other reviews of Revelation of Chaos say that the album is a bit too familiar when it comes to the HM2 buzzsaw sound, but I don’t see how that’s a problem when the riffs are this catchy and the material consistently makes you want to run in circles and bang your head until your neck’s about to break. Deathrite’s switched their sound up rather considerably this time around, with the Swedish death metal style overshadowing the crust punk/hardcore riffs that the band showcased previously, but it’s a transition that feels natural and they’re able to do it just as well as some of the others that have gone through a similar transformation. If you enjoy the buzzsaw tonality and are looking for another release that’s got plenty of killer riffs, pick this one up and crank it all the way up.

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