Decapitated- Human’s Dust (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, September 14, 2009

Whenever one thinks of the top death metal bands from Poland, chances are that Decapitated is one of the acts that they think of. Although the group is currently trying to reform despite the tragic death of drummer Vitek and loss of some other members, the four albums that they released from 2000 on have been highly regarded by many listeners. Despite this success though, Decapitated has not had a DVD released before and thanks to Metal Mind Productions this is now a reality. Entitled Human’s Dust, this release offers three short performances along with three interviews and it is definitely something that fans will want to pick up.

While most music DVDs these days offer a full length performance, Human’s Dust is split between three different performances from different points in Decapitated’s career. There are two performances from 2002 and one from 2004, and although the two sets of bonus footage do repeat some of the songs from the main feature viewers will likely not mind this. For anyone that never had a chance to see the band live, this DVD gives a pretty good indication that they were always in top form as although the footage is split between different time periods and locations they all find the group performing these songs on par with the album versions. As the majority of the footage is from 2002, Human’s Dust mainly offers tracks from Decapitated’s first two releases (Winds of Creation and Nihility), but this will definitely satisfy fans. What is also notable is the video and sound quality, which are consistently good throughout each of the three performances and appears to have been shot by a professional rather than a group of amateurs. Metal Mind has also chosen to include three different interviews with members of the band, and these are not only a little lengthier than one might expect but also give a lot of information and insight into the various members and the music itself.

Human’s Dust is a little shorter than some of the other metal DVDs out there, but considering that it still manages to offer almost 2 hours of material that should be more than enough for any fan of the group. I’m not sure if there is footage after 2004 that is out there waiting to be compiled, but hopefully there is as the quality of the performances on this release showcase that Decapitated was a great live act. Whether you’re a diehard fan or are interested in learning a bit more about their music, Human’s Dust is worthy of a purchase.

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