Del Rey- Immemorial

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chicago post rock band Del Rey has been writing music for a little over a decade now, but chances are that this may be the first time you’ve heard of the band. The group has been moving from label to label with each effort, and their fourth full length Immemorial is being put out by two different labels (At A Loss in the United States and Golden Antenna in Europe). Del Rey’s material falls into the traditional atmospheric post rock style, and while it does take a little while to get going once it does listeners will be entranced by its arrangements.

Compared to some of the other post rock bands out there, Del Ray spends a lot more time building up to sweeping, atmospheric moments. When they reach them the instrumentalists offer up textured arrangements that are quite powerful and significantly louder than the majority of the bands in the genre. However, it is worth noting that the second half of the album has a lot more stand out moments than the first. The riffs on songs such as “Silent Weapons for Silent Wars” are brilliant and really grab your attention, commanding you with their soaring melodies that are surprisingly aggressive. Immemorial is at its best when it lets loose with aggression without losing the melodic nature it has built up throughout the course of the album. But one of the things that could keep a lot of people from experiencing all that the instrumentals have to offer is the first couple of tracks, which climax in melodies that are interesting but not quite as breathtaking as what comes later.

Del Rey may use the same methods as many other post rock bands, but their tone and epic climaxes help them stand out. However, there are a few dull moments that hold the earlier half of the album back and this may make the effort a little hard to get into for some people. If the instrumentalists can make all of the songs as stunning as the second half of this effort then their future releases will be truly mesmerizing.

Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Earsplit PR

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