Destruktor- Nailed

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, January 16, 2010

Australia’s become one of the hot spots for fast paced, unholy black/thrash metal over the last decade or so as groups such as Destroyer 666 have dominated the genre with quality material. Destruktor is one of the slightly lesser known Australian acts, due to the fact that they have only released a couple of EPs since forming in 1995. However, following some lineup changes the band has put out their debut full length Nailed and its one hell of an effort. While you’ve heard dirty, noisy black/thrash of this type before these guys still have the energy and riffs to stand out and because of that Nailed comes highly recommended.

As soon as you turn this album on, it becomes clear that you are going to be in for one hell of a ride. While the first track has a melodic black metal style introduction, once things get rolling and the instrumentalists dive into their fast paced black/thrash assault they don’t let up until Nailed has reached its end. One thing that might surprise a lot of people about this album would have to be the production values, as although there is some murkiness and a lot of noise present Destruktor’s sound is still a little bit cleaner and more distinguishable than some of their peers. It is certainly nice to be able to hear the guitar, bass, and drums individually and not have everything turn into a jumbled mess, so this does help the group out quite a bit. Although the majority of the tracks do tend to sound similar to one another, there are enough standout riffs and solos to keep listeners interested for the entire album and they will likely find themselves returning to it on a regular basis.

Destruktor’s instrumentals may be blackened thrash, but their vocals fall into death metal territory. The group’s vocalist Glenn has a low pitched aggressive growl that dominates the majority of the material. There are some occasions where the vocals get buried by the instrumentals, but this doesn’t happen that frequently and for the most part listeners will feel the full effect of Glenn’s intense growls. For the most part the growling stays at one pitch, although it occasionally does break into some slightly higher ranges and despite the fact that this isn’t that big of an issue it wouldn’t hurt the band to use the higher range a bit more in the future.

Nailed is a blistering black thrash assault that genre fans are going to go absolutely nuts over. It has been a long time coming but Destruktor’s debut full length is worth the wait and will likely help these guys to gain a lot more exposure. Even though Australia is full of bands that share the same style as Destruktor, they are able to stand above much of the competition and are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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