Destruktor/Throneum- A Prophecy of Nihilism

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last year Hells Headbangers released A Prophecy of Nihilism, a 7” split featuring one exclusive track from Destruktor and Throneum. Both groups have been around for quite some time and offer up blistering black/death metal that fit together nicely, though they are able to achieve that sound by heading in very different directions. At the time of its release this was the first new material from Destruktor in five years and still serves as a good teaser to this year’s Opprobrium full length, while Throneum’s song continues to showcase they are a band worth paying attention to.

Destruktor starts things off with “Besieged”, a track that will also be on their upcoming full length. Although when A Prophecy of Nihilism was released there had been a five year since the group had previously released recorded material, it’s clear that period of time has been well spent as they waste no time in immediately assaulting the listener with aggressive riffing that has both the all-out intensity of black/death metal and a hint of thrash present. It’s the type of song that has an immediate impact on the listener, as the lead riff hooks right from the start and delivers a constant blast of intensity for the entire four minutes it lasts. Everything is wrapped in an appropriately raw production that emphasizes the blasting drums and aggressive riffing, and as a result “Besieged” has been a track that has been on repeat on a regular basis. Lead singer Glenn Destruktor once again brings more of a death metal vibe to the overall sound with a lower growl that is consistent in its intensity and comes at you with such a sheer amount of force that leaves a strong impression. Overall, it’s another strong and overwhelmingly aggressive song from this long running Australian act and a great prelude to their upcoming full length.

Poland’s Throneum has been around for almost as long as Destruktor, though their style has gone off on a very different path. Their contribution to this split is the five and a half minute “Chtonian Lust” which takes the already raw production of the previous track and adds an additional layer of murkiness to it. Throneum’s sound has more of an old-school death metal feel, especially when it comes to their guitar leads, but there are some hints of black metal buried in there as well. It’s not the type of song that makes an immediate impression like its predecessor, instead relying on brute force and all-out blasting for the first half or so before opening things up a bit more. As you get closer to the end the guitars branch out a bit from the heavier death metal sound and unleash some higher pitched solos that tear through the rest of the instrumental work and add even more grime and grit. While all of this is happening, The Great Executor delivers a raspier scream/growl that blends in with the instrumentation and adds that extra bit of weight to the overall sound. When the guitars start to head towards their solos and up the energy level the vocals follow suit, reaching levels of screaming and grunting that make it sound like there’s an actual possession happening on the recording.

Out of the two tracks on A Prophecy of Nihilism, Destruktor’s was the standout, though the burst of guitar and vocal insanity towards the end of Throneum’s song has convinced me to dive into their back catalog a little further. It’s the type of 7” that has plenty of replay value, as each piece has that heft and grit that is necessary in black/death metal but achieves it in a very different fashion. At this point it also serves as a proper preview for what Destruktor will deliver on their upcoming full length, and those that enjoy this type of shorter format would be advised to grab this vinyl as it’s an intense nine and a half minutes.

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