Devil’s Whorehouse- Blood and Ashes

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nearly six years after releasing their debut full length, death/horror rock band Devil’s Whorehouse has returned with two new members and a new album entitled Blood and Ashes. Though they started out as a Misfits/Samhain cover band back in 2000, they would go on to become a group that released original material on a rather sporadic basis. And while there is nothing fundamentally wrong with their latest release, the fact that it is blatant Danzig/Samhain worship will make this disc a guilty pleasure for some and something to skip for others.

Devil’s Whorehouse’s vocalist Maelstrom sounds quite a bit like Danzig, which certainly seems appropriate considering the origins of this group. Granted some people are going to simply just write the band off because of this and say that no one can match up to Danzig, but I feel as though I should give Maelstrom a bit more credit than that as he does have a fairly strong voice. In addition to this, his gruff style does fit the instrumentals quite nicely, and he has more energy than some of the other guys out there. As one might expect the lyrical content is all horror themed and though this is fairly generic it will still attract some people to this album.

The instrumentals on Blood and Ashes fall under the traditional death/horror rock style but they do have a slight black metal vibe as well. This may be because Devil’s Whorehouse sports members from IXXI and Marduk, and this does help them to stand out from some of the others in the genre. They’re definitely a little bit noisier and rawer than some of the other death rock bands out there which some listeners will be able to appreciate. But despite this, all of the songs kind of blend together and there aren’t a lot of individual moments that people will be able to remember. There are still going to be people who can enjoy the album as a guilty pleasure (especially if they really like the genre), but they won’t necessarily find it to be their new favorite.

Chances are that you have a pretty good idea whether or not Devil’s Whorehouse is a band you’re going to want to check out or not. They’re far from the best out there but if you don’t mind blatant Danzig worship there are some elements that are enjoyable. But otherwise, missing out on Blood and Ashes won’t necessarily be something that you will regret as it doesn’t quite go the distance.

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