Dublin Death Patrol- DDP 4 Life

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, May 25, 2007

Dublin Death Patrol is a thrash super group that fans of the Bay Area scene owe to themselves to check out. Formed by Chuck Billy (Testament) and Steve Souza (Exodus) and featuring over eight of the genre’s best instrumentalists, the band’s debut album doesn’t disappoint. DDP 4 Life is a mix of original material with a few cover songs, with a distinct 80’s style sound. It’s almost like an ode to some of the classic groups of the thrash genre, and this album shows that the two vocalists still have a great deal of talent.

What helps to make this album so good would have to be the joint vocals of both Billy and Souza. Their styles vary (with one doing deep screams and the other doing a more nasally higher pitched shriek), but mesh well with one another. Each singer is given their time to shine on every song, and both vocalists are clearly still capable of putting on stellar performances. The superb screaming showcases that Dublin Death Patrol is a serious entity, and more than just a one shot side project.

Every single riff on DDP 4 Life just screams classic 80’s thrash. There are plenty of guitar solos mixed in with both chugging and fast paced grooves, with a mastering job that will remind listeners of classic material from the genre. While the numerous instrumentalists could have made a fairly generic album and succeeded just by the sheer talent surrounding this release, they didn’t take the easy way out. Instead, every track has memorable riffs and there isn’t a dull song on the entire album.

Hopefully Dublin Death Patrol ends up being more than just a side project, as their debut album has showcased how good this lineup of classic thrashers really is. With the combination of dual vocals and hard hitting instrumentals, DDP 4 Life is one to not miss out on. This is definitely a surprise hit, and should be remembered for many years to come as a great example of how to keep the spirit of the old Bay Area scene alive in the current day and age.


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