Electrocute- Troublesome Bubblegum

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Troublesome Bubblegum is going to draw one of two reactions from its listeners. People with a tendency towards catchy upbeat dance oriented music may find Electrocute’s debut album to be infectiously delightful and a great listen. On the other hand, I can see certain people just not going for the bratty/slutty attitude of the songs. This is certainly one of those female duos that are using their feminine appeal in their music.

Now, I’ve reviewed female fronted groups before. In fact, I’ve even taken a look at one that had a similar cocky and very sexual attitude. That band was Slunt and they had a very hard rock style mixed in with the lead singer’s sex appeal. However, Electrocute goes more for the upbeat dance music mixed in with a bit of snob appeal. The lyrical style of every song of this album is very comical, and at some points you wonder how serious this duo actually takes themselves. With lines like “It’s like troublesome bubblegum, open your mouth and I’ll give you some”, each song has a very lighthearted feel that should perk you up on a bad day. Although at some points the duo pulls the “we’re better than you and you know it” approach, but that is part of the appeal.

This is exactly the type of music I could imagine being played in clubs that appeal to the new age crowd. All of the songs make you want to get up and move, which is not a bad thing. Although admittedly the songs are relatively simple (they are essentially guitar riffs with many programming effects added in), they are still catchy and appealing to listen to. Chances are that if you like other electro themed groups that this one will suit your needs as well.

This isn’t the type of album to go and pick up without hearing first. Give a track or two a listen first on the internet for a test run, and see what you think. Chances are if the bratty vocals and lyrics as well as the up-tempo and highly electronic instrumentals appeal to you, then you will find Troublesome Bubblegum to be a very fun album. This duo definitely has potential in the new wave/electro scene, and I’d like to see them continue to go places.


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