Evil Cowards- Covered in Gas

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, December 21, 2009

While Electric Six has been fairly active over the years vocalist Tyler Spencer has also been involved in some other projects such as Evil Cowards, a side project he formed with William Bates (Fall On Your Sword). Since first collaborating last year, the duo has written a full length album entitled Covered in Gas that takes some of the new-wave/electronic sounds of Electric Six and goes absolutely nuts with them. This is definitely a silly release, but it is also extremely catchy and anyone who gives it a shot will find that Spencer’s twisted sense of humor and overtly sexual ideas will be something they remember for quite some time.

Tyler Spencer has always been known for his somewhat odd lyrical content but he really pushes it to the extreme on Covered in Gas. This is not necessarily a bad thing though as it makes some of the material really memorable because of just how absurd and in your face it is. Songs such as “Sex Wars” which pays tribute to the GI’s from the past while emphasizing their desire to also have as much sex as possible while at war are a good example of just how bizarre and brilliant the lyrical content is throughout the course of this release. Provided that you can handle some of the themes, you will find yourself strangely drawn to many of these tracks due to the fact that Spencer has a very quirky and melodic voice. His performance definitely brings all of these songs to life and listeners will be sure to enjoy his many nuances as they add plenty of attitude to the material.

The songs on this release are a mixture of electro/new wave and traditional rock ‘n roll with plenty of instrumental experimentation, and although this may sound somewhat similar to what Electric Six has to offer be assured that Evil Cowards have a style that is all their own. William Bates took the role of producer for the duo and he has made all of these songs really stand out due to how much he has made each individual element of the music shine. While the majority of the material shares the same synthesizer/guitar/drums base, there are a number of other instruments thrown into the mix at times in order to give the music a more experimental flair and when they do appear that are often given the spotlight. There are a few riffs/grooves that are a little too high on the cheese factor, but for the most part listeners will find that they enjoy the catchy melodies that the band has to offer.

If you really like Tyler Spencer and Electric Six then you will definitely want to check out Evil Cowards’ debut as it has all of the quirkiness that you know and love plus a lot more. If you’re unfamiliar with Spencer, this is one of those albums that you should hear a few tracks from before you commit to it as its bluntness and quirkiness isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re into very catchy new-wave/electro rock that doesn’t necessarily take itself too seriously then there is a good chance that you will enjoy this effort, and it is certainly one of my guilty pleasures of 2009.


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