Flu.ID- Iots

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, November 17, 2008

Exile on Mainstream Records has already brought us some pretty bizarre musical groups, but German band Flu.ID is arguably one of the craziest thanks to its combination of metal, electronica, and noise rock. Although the band broke up a few months back, Exile on Mainstream has compiled their sold out 10-inch releases with some bonus material on one disc to form the album known as Iots. And while this is not an album that everyone can get into, those with a taste for the bizarre and noisy will find that Flu.ID deserves space in their collection.

Iots is a release that will take some listeners a good deal of patience to listen to and plenty of time to truly figure out. Flu.ID is constantly changing styles from track to track, so what the instrumentalists to on one song may be completely opposite from what is offered on the following one. For example, “Necromancer” has some very noise rock/metalcore sounding guitar riffs, but the track directly following it “(Enthymem”) is a combination of psychedelic rock ‘n roll and math rock. And then you’ve got the electronica heavy tracks which contain all sorts of interesting programming and keyboard arrangements, which the group could’ve easily turned into its own project. And despite the fact that many of these songs came from different releases, they all manage to fit together into one seamless experience.

If you thought that Flu.ID’s instrumentals arrangements sound as though they are spastic and filled with variety, wait until you hear the sheer number of vocal styles offered on Iots. Right from the start the listener is hit with harsh screaming that sounds similar to old A Life Once Lost, which is thrown in throughout quite a few of the tracks. In addition to this style, Iots also showcases clean singing from both men and women as well as extremely loud female screams on a few of the songs. This all might be a little hard to take in at once, but it definitely makes Flu.ID an act that most won’t soon forget.

Flu.ID may be dead and buried at this point and time, but thanks to Exile on Mainstream Records their bizarre and chaotic blend of sounds will be exposed to listeners around the world. Some listeners will hate it while others will declare it to be the work of geniuses, but in either case people will find that this is something truly different. This may end up being one of my favorite albums of the year in the “Other” genre, and is yet another sign that Exile on Mainstream is one of the premier labels for bands that think outside of the box.


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