Funeral- From These Wounds

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, March 13, 2008

When one uses the words doom metal, more often than not listeners immediately think of long and plodding songs that have screamed or growled vocals. But Norwegian band Funeral differs from this traditional style. Offering clean and melodic vocals that add a gothic and very melancholic style to the genre, Funeral’s latest album From These Wounds is sure to appeal to doom fans everywhere even if it does tend to drag from time to time.

Throughout the eight songs on this album, Funeral sets up extremely long and plodding passages of atmospheric doom. However, it should be mentioned that their riffs sound lighter than your average genre artist, but they still succeed thanks to the overwhelming sense of dread that these melodic styles create. But despite the excellent sense of atmosphere, some of these riffs and melodies overstay their welcome and certain songs throughout From These Wounds sound as though they have been dragged out to be longer than they should. I understand that doom is supposed to be long, but with eight tracks that push 8-9 minutes of repeated ideas, this is still a bit much.

As previously mentioned, it is the clean vocals from singer Frode Forsmo that will help to put Funeral’s music on more than a few people’s radar. Rather than growling or screaming, he sings in a melancholic and low pitched voice that draws the listener in. One can tell that Forsmo has a lot of passion and sorrow behind his voice, and it really shows on From These Wounds. But seeing as two of the band’s members have died in the past three years or so, it makes sense that this is expressed in musical form.

There may be some dull moments throughout the course of Funeral’s latest release, but it will still likely be seen as one of the better doom albums on the market. The gothic styles and clean vocals certainly help them to stand out, and though the band has gone through some hardships it makes their music even stronger. If you can stand long and plodding doom, From These Wounds is a must have, but everyone else should make sure they’re prepared for what’s contained on this disc.

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