Gladshot- Burn Up and Shine

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indie pop/rock band Gladshot released their third full length release Burn Up and Shine earlier this year, but chances are you haven’t heard of this group quite yet. Part of the reason for this is likely because they have been independently releasing all of their albums, but now that Burn Up and Shine is getting more exposure and all of their material is available on Itunes it seems likely that they will begin to become more popular. And they certainly deserve it, as this band has proven themselves to be a band with great hooks and a laid back vibe.

Gladshot uses both a male and female vocalist on quite a few of the songs on Burn Up and Shine, plus they also have some guest singers contribute throughout the course of the release. This proves to be very well, and the duo Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill proves to be a winning combination. Both singers complement each other nicely, as Andrews has a higher pitched voice that goes well with Blaxill’s slightly lower voice. The two have a fairly laid back style that fits well with the instrumentals. What listeners are sure to really like is that neither singer dominates the other or steals the spotlight and it feels like each is an integral part of Gladshot’s music.

Though there is a definitive pop flair to the material on Burn Up and Shine, this group also showcases a lot of other influences as well. There are plenty of traditional sounding pop rock tunes on this disc, but there are also songs that have a bit of a folk/alt-country feeling to them as well. These elements don’t overpower the pop rock base but add a little bit of variety and extra flair to the songs that they appear on, and showcase that Gladshot has a few more tricks up their sleeve than one might expect. Listeners may even be surprised to hear keyboards at times, which gives the music a bit of a retro rock vibe as well. Anyone who gives this a chance will find that there is a lot to like, and that each song offers something a little bit different from the last.

Three albums in, Gladshot are still independent and still as strong as ever. Hopefully they can manage to get their music out there to the masses, as their brand of pop rock pulls from some additional genres to create some truly captivating material. I like what I hear, and I definitely plan to check out the group’s first two releases sometime in the future and see if they offer tunes that are just as catchy.

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