Gorgoroth Black Mass: Krakow 2004 (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, June 20, 2008

After years of waiting Gorgoroth’s infamous Krakow performance is finally available on DVD thanks to Metal Mind Productions. Having caused controversy with Polish authorities due to the use of sheep’s heads during the performance, black metal fans everywhere can finally experience this “Black Mass”. And though it may have been four years since the event itself, the wait has been worth it as this is one of the better black metal DVDs currently on the market.

Black Mass has an extremely polished presentation, and viewers will be able to tell that whoever put this release together really wanted to do Gorgoroth justice. The picture and sound are excellent, and will give newcomers and veteran listeners alike a proper representation of what a live show from these black metal legends is like. Not only that, but before every song text displays saying not only the name, but also what album that particular track is from. It’s a minor touch but really helps to connect viewers to the show as if they see a song that they really like they will know what album it is from. Gorgoroth has picked out some of their most noteworthy songs from their more recent releases for this performance, and when combined with the presentation the results are amazing.

In addition to the performance, Metal Mind has also included two songs from a bootleg Leipzig performance. While these are nice, their sound quality is far from satisfactory and as such most viewers will only watch them once. Aside from that, there is also a full discography, artwork, and biography. Admittedly these special features pale in comparison to some of the other music DVDs out there, but the performance itself still makes this release worth getting.

Many of you have been waiting for Black Mass to come out for some time now, and thankfully this DVD is worth the wait. It may not have the largest amount of special features, but due to the standout performance and excellent production values black metal fans will not want to miss out on. Though Gorgoroth’s members may still be in a legal dispute which could create a long wait until a future album, this DVD will certainly hold fans over.


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