Hatebreed- Live Dominance (DVD)

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Monday, July 4, 2011

It’s crazy to think that in three short years Connecticut’s-own Hatebreed will have been a band for twenty years. Crazier still is realizing that Hatebreed has remained one of the most consistent bands in the hardcore and metal scenes throughout all those years. What better way to show off how crazy your band is than to release a live DVD? That’s exactly what Hatebreed thought too.

Their first and only live DVD, Live Dominance, accurately shows off the insanity and controlled chaos that is a Hatebreed show. Shot at Harpo’s in Detroit, Live Dominance is one of the best-looking live DVD’s that I’ve seen. Shot from at least 6 different camera angles – including one brave cameraman who shot from inside the crowd – it made for ever-changing scenery, which kept the DVD fresh from start to finish.

Considering most Hatebreed songs are relatively short, they were able to play a long set list of roughly twenty-two songs spanning their entire careers. Some of the highlights include “A Call for Blood”, “Defeatist”, “I Will be Heard” and my personal favorite Hatebreed song – “Doomsayer”.

Like most live DVD’s, you’re given the concert in its entirety as well as some juicy behind the scenes footage. Live Dominance is no exception. While a good portion of the extras were boring, one of the true stand outs was an in-depth interview with the members of the band reflecting on the history of the band, including nostalgic photos from back in the beginning. Another cool extra was a picture gallery of Hatebreed tattoos from people who attended the DVD shoot.

Overall, Live Dominance encompasses everything that Hatebreed represents: insanity, organized chaos and love for their fans and legacy. I highly recommend this DVD to those who are fans of the band, die hard or casual.

I’d give Live Dominance’s live portion a 9.5/10, while the extras get a 7/10.

Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by E1 Music

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