Hypatia Lake- Angels and Demons, Space and Time

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, August 10, 2008

Although there has been a number of psychedelic and shoegaze bands lately, none of them are as elaborate with their song writing as Hypatia Lake. This group has based all of their music around a fictional town that they named their band after, and each album has represented another story based around that town. Now on its third release, Angels and Demons, Space and Time, Hypatia Lake showcases not only a surprisingly deep set of lyrics but a wide variety of instrumental styles that make them a band worth the effort to listen to.

It may take more than one listen to fully take in the various styles that Hypatia Lake has mixed together on their newest release. Though it initially seems as though the instrumentals are of the standard psychedelic rock variety, there are hints of shoegaze, dream pop, and even a little drone thoughout the course of Angels and Demons, Space and Time. This is certainly a daunting combination, but the instrumentalists are able to pull off each style with relative ease. For their third album the band decided to work with a producer who would give their music a raw and live sound, and this has proven to be a very wise decision. Not only has this helped the riffs to become louder and more pronounced, but Hypatia Lake now has even more energy than before.

I don’t really want to spoil the lyrical content of this album or any of Hypatia Lake’s previous work, as it really is a joy to discover the story writing abilities that the members of this group possess (but I will say that to get an idea, look up the group’s music online). There really aren’t enough bands that make use of ideas such as this, as although there have been groups that have done concept albums there have been very few that have made each release tie into one larger concept. The vocals are very psychedelic rock influenced, and showcase a lot of melody no matter what the instrumentals are doing. This combination works wonderfully, and this is a band that really knows how to combine idea with execution.

The wide range of instrumental styles may catch more than a few listeners off guard, but it really is part of what makes Hypatia Lake’s music so interesting. It doesn’t seem like enough people know about this band yet, which is really a shame. But if you’re looking for an album with unique styles and lyrical concepts that are a story within a story, Angels and Demons, Space and Time will reveal itself to be a rewarding listen. The rawer approach has done wonders for the group’s sound, now hopefully the listening public will notice.


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