I Am Alaska- A Day In a Life

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When a band’s debut EP release is put out jointly by two record labels, you have to think that they must’ve impressed quite a few people. This is certainly the case with I Am Alaska, whose debut EP A Day In a Life has been jointly released by No Sleep Records and Attic Records. Offering a mix of post hardcore, indie rock, and experimental punk not unlike The Mars Volta and Bear Vs. Shark, the five songs on this debut showcase a band that has successfully pulled off this mixing of styles quite well. But with that being said, A Day In a Life seems poised to be a teaser to something much bigger.

The instrumentalists of I Am Alaska certainly are ambitious, as they are constantly trying to merge faster paced experimental riffs with post hardcore melodies. And much like The Fall of Troy or The Mars Volta, there are plenty of moments in each song where the group’s guitarist is allowed to go crazy and create intricate solos that are melodic yet filled with energy. Though there are moments in each song where more melodic riffs take over the sound, as a whole I Am Alaska seems to be leaning towards the frenetic experimental side of the spectrum and a full length full of that style could definitely impress.

As you might expect from a group of this type, there are more vocal styles than you can count. You’ve got melodic singing, loud and frantic clean singing, and screams of just about every pitch. Some of the screaming throughout the course of this EP do sound as though they are straining the voice of their singer too much, and this could be cleaned up a little bit by the time a full length is released. But despite this, the wide variety of vocal styles is sure to help I Am Alaska’s appeal. The melodies and aggressive tones complement each other nicely, making this group one to watch.

A Day In a Life is a great first release that is sure to generate hype, but it seems to tease some of the true potential that I Am Alaska seems to have. With that being said, it seems highly likely that a full length from these guys could blow quite a few listeners out of the water so you may want to jump onboard now and check this band out. I look forward to seeing them prove me right and further expanding on the frenetic energy showcased on this EP, as it should serve as a prelude to bigger and better sounds.


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