Immortalised- Earache Records 1986-2000 (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only a couple of months after the release of the ICrusher Complete DVD, Earache Records has dug another video collection out of their vault. Immortalised: Earache Records 1986-2000 was the label’s first ever DVD release, originally released in 2000. Containing 20 music videos as well as a few bonuses, the re-released Immortalised is not only better than the ICrusher collections that were released later, but may be one of the few metal music video DVDs that viewers may find worth a purchase.

As with every other DVD of this type I’ve reviewed, there are no titles identifying the band and song before every video starts. But unlike ICrusher, the back of the DVD has no spelling errors and actually matches the order that the videos appear. It really feels as though Immortalised is a compilation that was really given tender love and care as opposed to being rushed out the door, something that is often uncommon of label compilations like this. Not only that, but it feels as though Earache has picked some of the better videos from each of the bands on this DVD. Whereas ICrusher had a lot of videos that weren’t necessarily worth watching, Immortalised contains enjoyable and noteworthy videos. The extras are still a little sparse, but it is nice to see full discographies and biographies in addition to some live footage.

Though I’ve reviewed a number of metal music video compilation DVDs, Immortalised may be one of the first ones I can truly recommend. It still lacks in depth bonus features or a truly polished presentation, but is definitely one of the few record label DVDs that metal fans should check out. Don’t pick this one up again if you already have it, as it seems to be just a simple re-release with no new content, but if you missed out the first time around give it a shot.

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