Index For Potential Suicide- The Newest Youth Rebellion

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, January 24, 2014

There were plenty of great screamo and grind bands around during the turn of the century, but I missed hearing quite a few of them due to being just a bit too young. While I was exposed to The Locust fairly early, it wasn’t until recent years that I became familiar with groups like Pageninetynine and Man is the Bastard. One act that hadn’t come across my radar was Charleston, South Carolina’s Index For Potential Suicide who were only around for a year and a half but managed to release a full length, EP, and split in that period of time. Index For Potential Suicide’s full length The Newest Youth Rebellion has gotten a deluxe vinyl reissue as of this past November, putting it back in circulation for the first time in over a decade. It’s a record that’s weird even for a style of music that’s pretty off the wall to begin with, and while it hasn’t quite stuck with me in the way that some of the landmark releases from the same time period did this is still an effort worth gaining some additional exposure.

The instrumentals on this album are all over the place stylistically, while still going for the type of extremely short songs that are common for this particular style of music. Most of the tracks run for about one to two minutes, with only a few coming close to the three minute mark, but Index For Potential Suicide is able to make the most out of this length. Some moments might go for straight up grind/powerviolence that hit fast and then switch to something else, while others are a bit slower and have more of a traditional hardcore and screamo feel. In between all of this the group likes to throw in a lot of noise and other electronic elements that help to make the material feel different from the others out there. Even though there have been plenty of other acts to implement electronics and overwhelming noise/feedback in the decade plus since this album originally came out, listeners like me who hadn’t heard The Newest Youth Rebellion before should still find it distinguishable. However, despite the combination of heavy and abrasive styles in the instrumental work there aren’t quite as many individual sections that truly stuck with me after repeated listens. It’s definitely an album I’ve liked making my way through as a whole, but there just isn’t quite that spark to certain moments that make them stand out in your mind even when you’re not listening.

While I do like what the band is doing instrumentally, the vocals really helped to put this one over the top as there are just so many different styles at play. There are not only the standard high shriek/low growl combinations but plenty of in between styles and a few that are so off the wall that they sound like they’re completely destroying the person delivering them. Just listen to “Global Injustice” for the best example of this, as the vocal range that kicks in a little ways in is one of the most off the wall pitch I’ve heard in quite some time. Even within a genre where I’m used to in your face, intense performances there are some moments on here that are ear piercing and this actually made the release even more appealing. Index For Potential Suicide also throws in the occasional sound clip in between tracks but they don’t overuse them, letting a few samples here and there grab your attention.

The Newest Youth Rebellion didn’t quite seem like an album that would stand out as one of the best grind/screamo efforts from the late 90s but it is one worth experiencing if you haven’t already. Index For Potential Suicide may not have had quite the same impact on me as the bands I mentioned earlier did, but I’ve still had fun making my way through this blistering experience as a whole. If you’re into grind or 90s screamo and want something that’s as intense as it is strange, consider giving this one a listen.

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