Iron Fire- Metalmorphosized

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 3, 2010

It’s hard to believe it, but Denmark’s Iron Fire has been creating power metal for over fifteen years now. However, despite the fact that they have been around since 1995 it wasn’t until 2000 that the group released their first full length album. Celebrating both fifteen years since their formation and ten years since their first release, Iron Fire has put together Metalmorphosized which has four new songs and various demo songs from over the years. It may not be the best power metal release you’ll hear this year, but it is a good starting point for newcomers and fans will be pleased with the wealth of material.

I am not entirely sure if the demo tracks were re-recorded or not, but in either case they sound surprisingly similar to the new songs and as such this really seems more like a new full length than a compilation. Iron Fire has pretty strong production values that give their guitar work plenty of bite and this feels appropriate considering that the majority of the riffs are a combination of epic power metal with some slower heavy metal/hard rock grooves. There are some genuinely catchy moments throughout the course of this disc, but at the same time there are still far too many that sound similar and blend together. As consistent as Iron Fire continues to be, they still haven’t managed to create a disc that amazes listeners for its entirety and that is what they will need to really steal the spotlight.

Singer Martin Steene might surprise some listeners who are hearing Iron Fire for the first time, as he doesn’t lean towards the high pitched falsetto ranges that power metal is known for. Instead, he has a slightly gruffer voice that reminds me of a mixture of power metal, NWOBHM and a little hard rock. Admittedly this may also make Iron Fire a bit of an acquired taste as there are people may feel that the vocals aren’t quite as epic or outlandish as they expect from the genre. But if you’re like me and don’t really have a preference, you will discover that Steene is an aggressive singer that may not have the same range as others out there but still stands out.

If you’ve heard these guys before and enjoyed them, go ahead and give Metalmorphosized a shot as it does have enough hooks to please long time power metal fans. But Iron Fire has never quite managed to create albums that really blow people away and make them talk about the music to others, and this disc unfortunately will not change that. There is still hope, but for now these guys are still one of the B grade power metal acts.

Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Napalm Records

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