Iron Maiden- Live After Death (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, March 14, 2008

Released in 1985, Iron Maiden’s Live After Death CD was an excellent representation of the band’s live performance at the time. Live After Death sold very well throughout the years, over 20 years after the original CD release the performance that made up the live album is now available on DVD with bonus features. Offering the full 90 minute performance on one disc and more than two hours of bonus materials on a second disc, this new Maiden release is a complete package that fans will find to be an essential purchase.

Watching Iron Maiden’s set on this DVD, any newcomer will be able to see what made the band a phenomenon back in 1984 (when this was filmed) as well as why they are also still extremely appealing to listeners now. Throughout the performance the band has an enormous amount of energy, enhanced by their use of props and other on-stage events (something not too many bands tend to do these days). Though Bruce Dickinson’s voice does sound a little off from time to time, he does manage to hit the majority of the notes and the rest of the band is extremely tight. Even though the show was recorded in 1984, everything seems to have been remastered and will look great on your television set or computer screen.

Though the concert in itself could easily make this DVD worth it for Iron Maiden fans, the second disc includes a wealth of material. You’ve got two separate documentaries (one chronicling the history of the band at that time and another telling of their time touring behind the Iron Curtain) in addition to live footage from Rock In Rio ’85. The record label or even Iron Maiden could’ve easily released these features individually and fans would have paid for them, so it is great to see that so much attention has been paid to make this package offer a real bargain for its relatively cheap price.

Live After Death is an absolute must for hardcore Maiden fans, and also a great way for newcomers to orient themselves with the band’s material from the mid 1980’s. The concert is worth watching multiple times, and the bonus features will reveal more about the band’s long history and perhaps some aspects of the group that some people didn’t previously know. The band and their label has clearly gone all out to make this one better than your average music DVD release and it really shows.

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